Lot 5 (Jewellery and Silver, 21st November 2017)

A Georgian

A Georgian, harlequin, foiled, gemstone and diamond cruciform brooch/pendant, late 18th century,
a cushion cut foiled amethyst to a gold cut down collet at the centre, surrounded by four cushion-shaped Swiss cut diamonds at the corners with smaller, diamonds at the compass points, all in silver cut down collets. Cushion-shaped, foil-backed citrines at the left and right, a foil-backed, cushion cut, flat cut garnet to the top and a foil-backed triangular emerald at the bottom with a diamond, below. Gemstones all in gold cut down collets with flat closed back setting. Later Victorian brooch fitting and concealed suspension loop. Tested as approximately 9ct gold. 30 x 30mm, 7.29g

Sold for £440

Condition report
Replacement bale,"C"catch and hinge on later gold plates to the reverse.
It is actually a triangular emerald in a triangular collet, original to the piece and the design.
It has a very small conchoidal fracture from the table facet edge, to the girdle.