Rising Contemporary Art Stars Set to Take Over Sworders London

There will be an opportunity to identify the contemporary art stars of the future when Sworders holds an exhibition of works by students from The Slade School of Fine Art later this month.

There will be an opportunity to identify the contemporary art stars of the future when Sworders holds an exhibition of works by students from The Slade School of Fine Art later this month.

From October 17-24 Sworders’ London Gallery in Cecil Court will be filled with the work of eleven London Contemporary Art Students currently mid-way through their studies at The Slade.

The multidisciplinary show titled ‘WC2’ will comprise audio, video, photography, sculpture and painting works that reflect the WC2 postcode in which Sworders London is situated. Launching with a private evening view on Thursday October 17, 6-8.30pm. Works will be available for purchase directly from the exhibitors during the event.

“Sworders takes great pride in its support for contemporary art and culture and I am delighted at the prospect of sharing our workspace with some of the capital’s most exciting emerging talents.” Sworders’ Chairman Guy Schooling.



Fabian Hird


‘Score for the sleeping stranger’


Taken from the banks of the Thames, this soundscape uses field recordings of various understood sounds of the riverbank and its surrounding areas to create a durational composition of London and the Thames. Dedicated to a sleeping stranger met along the process and almost taking the form of a lullaby, from the waves of the shore to the tube station home.


Email: fabhird@outlook.com


Adam Gabriel Wilkinson


‘House on a hill’, ‘Ladder #1’, ‘Wearing my best boots’ and ‘Gremlin #6’


Inspired by themes of ‘Hypernormalisation’ these works acknowledge the capitalistic conscience of viewer and dread of environmental change. Situated next to the Thames river, WC2s association with water and climate are clear. Adam Gabriel Wilkinson’s practise is both satirical and dark when analysed, intended to trigger your own inner conscience and opinion.


Email: adamgabrielw@gmail.com

Website: www.adamgabrielw.com


Areena Ang




Areena Ang is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London working predominantly with visual narrative as a tool to speculate decoloniality, challenge historicism and draft alternative forms of resistance towards white supremacy. Their painting features a melancholic palette, portraying conflict between familial members in an internal, homely setting. Abrupt, forced transition and inner conflict is seminal to the artist's practice since moving and studying in WC2, the metropole's city centre.


Email: angareena@gmail.com

Social media: @angareena

Website: https://areena.co


Gulliver Whitby




Undertaking a series of absurd theatrical performances Whitby attempts to depict, process, and navigate the experience of being a newly-independent young queer artist. These symbolic ritualistic gestures serve as a tool for transgression, intended to act as a catharsis, exorcising and immortalising within the video issues identity.


Email: gulliverwhitby@gmail.com

Social media: @gulliverwhitby



Eliza Plunkett


‘Anemone me’ and ‘I have fossilised my fingertips and am trying to make them take root'


Eliza Plunkett’s practice revolves around her efforts to understand parasitic beings along with the action of rotting, particularly in relation to the space humans take up in these shunned but natural subjects. Central London is claustrophobic, as if there were mushroom spores in your lungs, making it difficult to breathe. A tight throat and anxiety go hand in hand when you can't see the sky.


Email: eliza.l.plunkett@gmail.com

Social media: @elizaplunkett


Scarlet Griffiths


‘Splinter’ and ‘Tactical’


Drawing inspiration from the often un-observed moments of the everyday, Scarlet Griffiths tends to focus on the relationship between order and disorder. 

Finding a moment of silence amongst the noise. 


Email: scarletgriffiths@gmail.com

Website: scarletgriffiths.com


Jake Walker


‘shoe studies’


Jake Walker works between dance, video, sound and drawing to explore the expanded field of choreography. His work is often made in collaboration with other artists, musicians or dancers and are intended to be shown in club spaces as well as gallery spaces. For WC2 Jake Walker is showing 2 tracks from his forthcoming album, one track is made by producer and DJ Harry Wills, the other track is made by himself and features a recording made in collaboration with Pascale de Graffe.


Email: xjakewalker@gmail.com

Social media: @jakes_things

Website: jakewalker.art


Larry Bush




Working predominantly with film in his most recent works, Larry Bush has been fascinated by the aesthetic qualities of colour and line. This particular piece is centered around the use of 16mm film, painting and etching directly onto undeveloped film, and the warped, abstracted images of advertising amongst London’s busy centre, - exploring the emotional qualities of the colours utilized, in both digital and analog film.


Email: larrybush00@gmail.com

Social media: @barry_lush


Okikioluwa Akinfe


‘Bipedal Swagger’ and ‘Top Swagger’


Okikioluwa Akinfe’s work explores the social body language of the dominant alpha archetype. As observed within the Ape species reflected in humans, including such stances like "Bipedal Swagger". In response to living and studying near WC2, seeing the area as a sort of "Human Zoo" with direct observation of the alpha male and female archetype practicing their conscious and unconscious movements and postures while in within a "natural" space.


Email: okiki_akinfe@yahoo.com

Social media: @okikiakinfe


Uggi Adalsteins




This work is a reaction to being in London and being anywhere. The text is taken from a song lyric that was popular in the late naughties. Although this particular piece of music isn’t in really in fashion for the time being, the lyric still retains its weight and poignancy.


Email: hadalsteins@gmail.com


Niamh Evans


‘Net Curtain #3’


Net Curtain #3 is part of an ongoing series of window studies, taken from various points around the WC2 area. These images tread the line between public and private, voyeurism and vigilance; which are reoccurring themes in Evans’ work.


Email: niamh.evans66@outlook.com

Social media: @niamh_evanss

Website: niamhevansartist.tumblr.com


For more information about this event, please contact:

E: london@sworder.co.uk
T: 0203 971 2500

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