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Sale date: Tuesday, 14th February 2017 - Modern British Art

Lot 1: *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) AUDLEY END HOUSE Linocut *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) AUDLEY END... Sold for £1,200

Lot 2: *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'AESOP'S FABLES: THE OLD CRAB AND THE YOUNG' Lithograph *Edward... Sold for £1,000

Lot 3: *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'THE QUEEN'S GARDEN' Linocut *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'THE QUEEN'... Sold for £480

Lot 4: *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'HOMAGE TO DICKY DOYLE' Lithograph printed in colours 25 x... Sold for £420

Lot 5: *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'KEW PALACE' Lithograph printed in colours *Edward Bawden RA... Sold for £680

Lot 6: *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'THE MANSION HOUSE' Linocut *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'THE... Sold for £480

Lot 7: *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'ST JAMES'S PALACE' Linocut *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'ST JAMES'S ... Sold for £780

Lot 8: *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'HORSE GUARDS' Linocut *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'HORSE GUARDS'... Sold for £700

Lot 9: *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'THE QUEEN'S GARDEN' Lithograph printed in colours *Edward Bawden RA... Sold for £550

Lot 11: *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'CHURCH AND DOVE' Colour lithograph wallpaper *Edward Bawden RA (1903-... Sold for £700

Lot 12: *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'THE OUTSIDER *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'THE OUTSIDER, BY ALBERT... Sold for £1,800

Lot 13: *Edward Bawden RA (1903-1989) 'BUTTERCUPS AND DAISIES' - frontispiece for Compton Mackenzie's... Sold for £300

Lot 14: *Richard Bawden (b.1936) 'IN THE GARDEN' Linocut *Richard Bawden (b.1936) 'IN THE GARDEN' Linocut,... Sold for £520

Lot 15: *Richard Bawden (b.1936) 'THE WHITE JUG' Etching and aquatint *Richard Bawden (b.1936) 'THE WHITE... Sold for £160

Lot 16: Eric Ravilious (1903-1942) ROWING BOAT AND SHIP IN PROFILE Pencil 14 x 26cm Exhibited: The Fine... Sold for £1,850

Lot 17: *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) PONT DU GARD Signed on stretcher *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) PONT... Sold for £5,500

Lot 18: *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) 'TELFORD'S CHURCH AT BRIDGNORTH *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983)... Sold for £4,000

Lot 19: *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) 'FARM HOUSE NEAR BOUZAREA' Signed *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) 'FARM ... Sold for £1,150

Lot 20: *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) TENTS IN A WOODLAND CLEARING Signed with initials and dated 'Aug 4... Sold for £300

Lot 21: *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) IRONBRIDGE Two drawings *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) IRONBRIDGE Two... Sold for £650

Lot 22: *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) 'SAN GIMIGNANO' Signed *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) 'SAN GIMIGNANO'... Sold for £700

Lot 23: *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) 'GREAT SALING HALL'; 'DUCK END' *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) 'GREAT... Sold for £400

Lot 24: *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) 'L GIGANTAUM' verso *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) 'L GIGANTAUM' verso,... Sold for £450

Lot 25: *John Aldridge RA (1905-1983) STEAM ENGINE DRIVING THRESHING MACHINE Pen and ink; A FARMYARD Pencil;... Sold for £420

Lot 26: *Walter Hoyle (1922-2000) 'SENATE HOUSE *Walter Hoyle (1922-2000) 'SENATE HOUSE, CAMBRIDGE'... Sold for £400

Lot 27: *Walter Hoyle (1922-2000) 'NORFOLK DOUBLE CHURCH' Lithograph printed in colours *Walter Hoyle (1922-... Sold for £260

Lot 28: *Walter Hoyle (1922-2000) 'WINTER TREES' Etching and aquatint *Walter Hoyle (1922-2000) 'WINTER... Sold for £550

Lot 30: *John Bellany RA (Scottish *John Bellany RA (Scottish, 1942-2013) 'MIZPAH' Signed l.r., watercolour ... Sold for £1,350

Lot 31: *John Bellany RA (Scottish *John Bellany RA (Scottish, 1942-2013) WOMAN AND A PELICAN Signed l.l.,... Sold for £6,200

Lot 32: *John Bellany RA (Scottish *John Bellany RA (Scottish, 1942-2013) 'MADAME BUTTERFLY' Signed and... Sold for £2,500

Lot 33: *John Bellany RA (Scottish *John Bellany RA (Scottish, 1942-2013) STILL LIFE OF A JUG OF FLOWERS... Sold for £5,200

Lot 34: *John Bellany RA (Scottish *John Bellany RA (Scottish, 1942-2013) WOMAN WITH BLACK HAIR Signed u.r.,... Sold for £2,100

Lot 35: *John Bellany RA (Scottish *John Bellany RA (Scottish, 1942-2013) 'WOMAN OF THE NORTH SEA' Signed... Sold for £1,850

Lot 36: *John Bellany RA (Scottish *John Bellany RA (Scottish, 1942-2013) STUDY OF TWO MEN Signed and... Sold for £300

Lot 39: Thomas Hennell (1903-1945) BUILDING THE HAYRICK; verso LOADING THE CART Watercolour 17 x... Sold for £920

Lot 40: *Duffy Ayers (b.1915) 'THE WEDDING' Signed l.l. *Duffy Ayers (b.1915) 'THE WEDDING' Signed l.l.,... Sold for £420

Lot 41: *Michael Rothenstein RA (1908-1993) 'SUNBURST' Woodcut *Michael Rothenstein RA (1908-1993)... Sold for £420

Lot 42: *Bernard Cheese (1925-2013) 'LOW TIDE AT PORTHGAIN' Lithograph printed in colours *Bernard Cheese... Sold for £380

Lot 47: Dr Malcolm Yorke Dr Malcolm Yorke, 'The Inward Laugh: Edward Bawden and His Circle', The Fleece... Sold for £420

Lot 48: 'The Wood Engravings of Eric Ravilious' 'The Wood Engravings of Eric Ravilious', introduction by J... Sold for £550

Lot 50: Five recipe books by Ambrose Heath Five recipe books by Ambrose Heath, illustrated by Edward Bawden ... Sold for £180

Lot 51: 'The Wood Engravings of David Gentleman' 'The Wood Engravings of David Gentleman', introduction by... Sold for £300

Lot 52: Ronald Blythe Ronald Blythe, 'First Friends - Paul and Bunty, John and Christine - and Carrington', ... Sold for £280

Lot 53: *Andre Wallace (b.1947) *Andre Wallace (b.1947), 'STREET LIGHT' Mixed metal sculpture mounted on a... Sold for £300

Lot 54: *Peter Hayes (b.1946) 'UNIQUE' Ceramic sculpture on limestone base 62cm overall *Artist's Resale... Sold for £1,600

Lot 55: *John Doubleday (b.1947) A TIMELESS ARMILLARY SPHERE Bronze 68cm high A commission by the artist... Sold for £700

Lot 60: *Antanas Brazdys *Antanas Brazdys, (Lithuanian, b.1939) UNTITLED Forged steel, unique 70cm wide... Sold for £4,200

Lot 65: *Nettie Firman (contemporary) 'HOMAGE TO JOAQUIN TORRES GARCIA' Coloured wood on clear perspex 58 x ... Sold for £500

Lot 71: Eric Gill (1882-1940) TWO NUDE STUDIES from '25 NUDES' Wood engravings Eric Gill (1882-1940) TWO... Sold for £180

Lot 72: Eric Gill (1882-1940) TWO NUDE STUDIES from '25 NUDES' Wood engravings Eric Gill (1882-1940) TWO... Sold for £140

Lot 73: Eric Gill (1882-1940) TWO NUDE STUDIES from '25 NUDES' Wood engravings Eric Gill (1882-1940) TWO... Sold for £140

Lot 74: Eric Gill (1882-1940) PAGE BORDERS for 'THE CANTERBURY TALES' Wood engravings Eric Gill (1882-1940) ... Sold for £70

Lot 75: Eric Gill (1882-1940) 'THE MILLER'S TALE' from 'THE CANTERBURY TALES' Wood engraving Eric Gill... Sold for £120

Lot 76: Eric Gill (1882-1940) 'THE LEISURE STATE'; 'DEO OMNIPOTENTI' from 'UNEMPLOYMENT' Wood engraving... Sold for £100

Lot 77: Eric Gill (1882-1940) 'THEN' (THE WOMAN OF SAMARIA); 'AND' (THE WOMAN TAKEN IN ADULTERY) from 'THE ... Sold for £180

Lot 78: Eric Gill (1882-1940) 'ST CHRISTOPHER Eric Gill (1882-1940) 'ST CHRISTOPHER, DAILY HERALD ORDER OF... Sold for £160

Lot 79: Lucien Pissarro (1863-1944) 'CHILD SITTING UNDER TWO BIRDS ON A BRANCH' Original wood engraving... Sold for £240

Lot 80: James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American, 1834-1903) 'THE... Sold for £160

Lot 81: James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American, 1834-1903)... Sold for £140

Lot 84: Roger Fry (1866-1934) 'ROCK-CUT CHURCH Roger Fry (1866-1934) 'ROCK-CUT CHURCH, SAINT EMILION'... Sold for £120

Lot 85: *Gerald Leslie Brockhurst (1890-1978) 'BY THE WINDOW' Etching *Gerald Leslie Brockhurst (1890-1978) ... Sold for £480

Lot 86: *Henry Moore OM (1898-1986) 'THREE FIGURES' Lithograph printed in colours *Henry Moore OM... Sold for £220

Lot 88: *Duncan Grant (1887-1978) 'WASHER WOMAN HANGING OUT THE CLOTHES' Lithograph printed in colours... Sold for £400

Lot 89: *Laurence Stephen Lowry RA (1887-1976) 'ST. MARY'S *Laurence Stephen Lowry RA (1887-1976) 'ST. MARY'... Sold for £920

Lot 90: *Laurence Stephen Lowry RA (1887-1976) THE BEARDED WOMAN Limited edition reproduction printed in... Sold for £900

Lot 92: *John Piper CH (1903-1992) 'FAWLEY BOTTOM' (Levinson 405) Screenprint *John Piper CH (1903-1992)... Sold for £920

Lot 93: *John Piper CH (1903-1992) 'BUCKDEN IN A STORM' (Levinson 281) Screenprint *John Piper CH... Sold for £750

Lot 94: *John Piper CH (1903-1992) 'HIGH CROSS *John Piper CH (1903-1992) 'HIGH CROSS, HAMPSHIRE' (Levinson ... Sold for £520

Lot 95: *John Piper CH (1903-1992) 'CAREW CASTLE' (Levinson 334) Screenprint *John Piper CH (1903-1992)... Sold for £580

Lot 96: *John Piper CH (1903-1992) ST AMAND-DE-COLY *John Piper CH (1903-1992) ST AMAND-DE-COLY, DORDOGNE,... Sold for £1,400

Lot 97: *Josef Herman RA (1922-2000) IN THE MOUNTAINS *Josef Herman RA (1922-2000) IN THE MOUNTAINS, 1965... Sold for £180

Lot 98: *Stanley William Hayter (1901-1988) 'CIRQUE' Engraving *Stanley William Hayter (1901-1988) 'CIRQUE' ... Sold for £320

Lot 99: *Dame Elisabeth Frink CH RA (1930-1993) 'THE SHIPMAN'S TALE' (Wiseman 63) Etching and aquatint... Sold for £450

Lot 100: *Dame Elisabeth Frink CH RA (1930-1993) 'IN EUMAEUS'S HUT' - from 'The Odyssey' Lithograph printed... Sold for £550

Lot 101: *Barnett Freedman (1901-1958) 'THE HAIRCUT' - FOR GEORGE BORROW'S 'LAVENGRO' Lithograph printed in... Sold for £90

Lot 102: *Barnett Freedman (1901-1958) 'MUSIC - STILL LIFE' Lithograph printed in colours *Barnett Freedman... Sold for £140

Lot 103: *Barnett Freedman (1901-1958) 'WINDOW BOX' Lithograph printed in colours *Barnett Freedman... Sold for £260

Lot 104: *Graham Sutherland OM (1903-1980) 'ROSES' *Graham Sutherland OM (1903-1980) 'ROSES', 1967... Sold for £400

Lot 105: *Julian Trevelyan RA (1910-1988) 'HAY-CART' *Julian Trevelyan RA (1910-1988) 'HAY-CART', 1972... Sold for £980

Lot 106: *Alan Davie RA (1920-2014) 'ISLAND FANTASY' Screenprint *Alan Davie RA (1920-2014) 'ISLAND FANTASY' ... Sold for £360

Lot 108: *Albert Irvin RA (1922-2015) UNTITLED Screenprint *Albert Irvin RA (1922-2015) UNTITLED Screenprint,... Sold for £180

Lot 109: *Albert Irvin RA (1922-2015) UNTITLED Screenprint *Albert Irvin RA (1922-2015) UNTITLED Screenprint,... Sold for £200

Lot 110: *Albert Irvin RA (1922-2015) UNTITLED Screenprint *Albert Irvin RA (1922-2015) UNTITLED Screenprint,... Sold for £180

Lot 111: *Breon O'Casey (1928-2011) 'BIRD IN BROWN FRAME' Carborundum print *Breon O'Casey (1928-2011) 'BIRD ... Sold for £420

Lot 112: *Bruce McLean (b.1944) 'A THREE-POINT TURN' Screenprint *Bruce McLean (b.1944) 'A THREE-POINT TURN' ... Sold for £240

Lot 113: *Derrick Greaves (b.1927) EASEL Screenprint *Derrick Greaves (b.1927) EASEL Screenprint, signed and ... Sold for £90

Lot 114: *Derrick Greaves (b.1927) VASE OF FLOWERS Screenprint *Derrick Greaves (b.1927) VASE OF FLOWERS... Sold for £120

Lot 115: *Norman Stevens ARA (1937-1988) 'COTTAGE GATE' Aquatint *Norman Stevens ARA (1937-1988) 'COTTAGE... Sold for £200

Lot 116: *Therese Oulton (b.1953) UNTITLED Monoprint *Therese Oulton (b.1953) UNTITLED Monoprint, signed and ... Sold for £120

Lot 117: *William Scott RA (1913-1989) 'SKAILL' Patterned fabric *William Scott RA (1913-1989) 'SKAILL'... Sold for £3,700

Lot 118: *Harvey Daniels (b.1936) 'EDGE' Screenprint *Harvey Daniels (b.1936) 'EDGE' Screenprint, signed,... Sold for £120

Lot 120: *David Gentleman (b.1930) 'CORNISH PILCHARD BOAT' Lithograph printed in colours *David Gentleman (b.... Sold for £320

Lot 121: *Donald Hamilton Fraser RA (1929-2009) A SEATED DANCER; A DANCER PUTTING ON HER SHOE Two limited... Sold for £400

Lot 122: *John Brunsdon (1933-2014) 'BEACH AT ALDEBURGH' Etching and aquatint *John Brunsdon (1933-2014)... Sold for £200

Lot 123: *Colin Spencer (b.1933) ST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL Lithograph printed in colours *Colin Spencer (b.1933)... Sold for £90

Lot 124: *Stanley William Hayter (1901-1988) 'SADDLE' *Stanley William Hayter (1901-1988) 'SADDLE', 1970... Sold for £520

Lot 125: *Edward Piper (1938-1990) 'AFTERNOON IN TUSCANY' Lithograph printed in colours *Edward Piper... Sold for £200

Lot 126: *Robert Tavener (1920-2004) 'WESTMINSTER ABBEY - HENRY VII CHAPEL' Screenprint *Robert Tavener... Sold for £500

Lot 127: *Peter Blake RA (b.1932) 'OSTRICH BEACH' Screenprint *Peter Blake RA (b.1932) 'OSTRICH BEACH'... Sold for £260

Lot 128: *Richard Hamilton CH (1922-2011) 'JUST WHAT IS IT THAT MAKES TODAY'S HOMES SO DIFFERENT?' Colour... Sold for £350

Lot 129: *David Hockney RA (b.1937) 'THE SHOP WINDOW OF A TOBACCO STORE' Etching with aquatint *David... Sold for £350

Lot 131: *Brenda Hartill (contemporary) 'SPRING VARIATIONS IV'; 'SUMMER VARIATIONS IV' Two coloured etchings ... Sold for £380

Lot 132: *Brenda Hartill (contemporary) 'AUTUMN VARIATIONS IV'; 'WINTER VARIATIONS IV' Two coloured etchings ... Sold for £400

Lot 133: *June Carey (Contemporary) 'ROSEBUD KISSES'; 'PERSEQUI ANIMUS' Two screenprints *June Carey... Sold for £280

Lot 134: *Augustus John OM RA (1878-1961) PORTRAIT OF A SEATED WOMAN *Augustus John OM RA (1878-1961)... Sold for £450

Lot 135: *Wilfred Gabriel de Glehn RA (1870-1951) NUDE STUDIES Red chalk 35.5 x 48cm Provenance: With... Sold for £220

Lot 136: *Vernon De Beauvoir Ward (1905-1985) A SEATED FEMALE NUDE Signed and dated 1953 l.l. *Vernon De... Sold for £320

Lot 137: Sir William Rothenstein (1872-1945) STUDY OF A SEATED NUDE Black chalk on blue/green paper 37 x... Sold for £160

Lot 139: *Clive Blackmore (b.1940) 'INTERIOR WITH ICELAND POPPIES' Signed and dated 'VI 87' l.l. *Clive... Sold for £380

Lot 140: *Patrick Procktor RA (1936-2003) STILL LIFE OF A JUG OF FLOWERS AND A LANTERN ON A DRAPED... Sold for £1,250

Lot 141: *John Stanton Ward RA (1917-2007) STUDY OF A SEATED GIRL HOLDING A TEACUP Signed and dated 1970 l.r.... Sold for £580

Lot 142: *Claude Flight (1881-1955) THE VILLAGE Signed l.l. *Claude Flight (1881-1955) THE VILLAGE Signed... Sold for £320

Lot 143: *Louis Le Brocquy (Irish *Louis Le Brocquy (Irish, 1916-2012) IMPERIA, ITALY Signed and dated '49 l.... Sold for £6,400

Lot 144: *Mary Fedden RA (1915-2012) 'JULIAN IN NORMANDY' Signed and dated 1993 l.r. *Mary Fedden RA... Sold for £3,100

Lot 145: *Glynn Boyd Harte (1948-2003) 'COCKLE CAT' Signed and inscribed with title *Glynn Boyd Harte... Sold for £240

Lot 146: *Jeremy Barlow (b.1945) BURNHAM THORPE Signed l.r. *Jeremy Barlow (b.1945) BURNHAM THORPE Signed... Sold for £520

Lot 147: *Fred W Payne (20th century) 'ROCKS AND FORTRESSES *Fred W Payne (20th century) 'ROCKS AND... Sold for £120

Lot 151: *Richard Murry (1902-1984) BIRD TABLE IN SNOW *Richard Murry (1902-1984) BIRD TABLE IN SNOW, 1951... Sold for £580

Lot 152: *Enid Marx (1902-1998) SPREYTON Signed l.r. *Enid Marx (1902-1998) SPREYTON Signed l.r., pencil and ... Sold for £450

Lot 153: *Sir William Russell Flint RA PRWS (1880-1969) DESIGN FOR MARBLE PAPER Two *Sir William Russell... Sold for £520

Lot 154: *Sir William Russell Flint RA PRWS (1880-1969) DESIGN FOR MARBLE PAPER Signed in pencil l.r. *Sir... Sold for £300

Lot 155: *Roy Turner Durrant (1925-1998) UNTITLED Indistinctly inscribed and dated 1966 *Roy Turner Durrant... Sold for £400

Lot 156: *Roy Turner Durrant (1925-1998) UNTITLED Signed and dated '21.VII.63' *Roy Turner Durrant... Sold for £600

Lot 157: *Roy Turner Durrant (1925-1998) 'AUTUMN - BULMER'S COPSE' Signed *Roy Turner Durrant (1925-1998)... Sold for £320

Lot 159: *Derrick Greaves (b.1927) 'LYING NUDE WITH LEGWARMERS (RED)' Signed and dated '72 l.r. *Derrick... Sold for £620

Lot 160: *Conroy Maddox (1912-2005) NUPTUAL DANCE Signed and dated '38 l.r. *Conroy Maddox (1912-2005)... Sold for £1,100

Lot 161: *Conroy Maddox (1912-2005) 'PLAYTHINGS OF THE MIND' Signed and dated '99 l.r. *Conroy Maddox... Sold for £420

Lot 162: *Conroy Maddox (1912-2005) 'THE CARPET BAGGERS' Signed and dated 2002 l.l. *Conroy Maddox... Sold for £580

Lot 163: *Conroy Maddox (1912-2005) 'METAMORPHOSIS' Signed and dated '53 l.l. *Conroy Maddox (1912-2005)... Sold for £1,150

Lot 164: *Conroy Maddox (1912-2005) 'RETURN OF THE POLTERGEIST' Signed and dated '41 l.r. *Conroy Maddox... Sold for £1,150

Lot 167: Winifred Knights (1899-1947) WOOD ANEMONES Pencil heightened with white 24.5 x 40cm Winifred... Sold for £720

Lot 168: *Arnold Mason (1885-1963) PORTRAIT STUDY OF WINIFRED KNIGHTS *Arnold Mason (1885-1963) PORTRAIT... Sold for £700

Lot 169: *Evelyn Dunbar (1906-1960) 'DESIGN FOR GARDENER'S CHOICE' - TRANSPLANTING A CUTTING Pen and ink 18... Sold for £280

Lot 171: *Randolph Schwabe (1885-1948) STUDY OF THE ARTIST'S WIFE GWENDOLEN JONES *Randolph Schwabe... Sold for £380

Lot 172: *Betty Swanwick RA (1915-1989) STUDY FOR 'MONAGHAN SHROUD' Pencil 35 x 50cm Provenance: The artist'... Sold for £280

Lot 173: *Bernard Venables (1907-2001) A BROWN TROUT AND DRY FLY Signed l.r. *Bernard Venables (1907-2001) A ... Sold for £480

Lot 174: *Evelyn Gibbs (1905-1991) 'MENDING THE NETS *Evelyn Gibbs (1905-1991) 'MENDING THE NETS, GOZO,... Sold for £520

Lot 175: *Percy Horton (1897-1970) STUDY OF TREES Signed and dated 1958 l.r. *Percy Horton (1897-1970) STUDY ... Sold for £160

Lot 176: Ernest Procter (1886-1935) 'THE BEECH TREE' Signed l.l. Ernest Procter (1886-1935) 'THE BEECH TREE' ... Sold for £920

Lot 177: *Barnett Freedman (1901-1958) FAMILY GROUP With stamped signature *Barnett Freedman (1901-1958)... Sold for £270

Lot 178: *Edward Ardizzone RA (1900-1979) 'LOVERS *Edward Ardizzone RA (1900-1979) 'LOVERS, ST JOHN'S WOOD'... Sold for £420

Lot 179: *Leonard Russell Squirrell (1893-1979) 'LAVINGTON HOUSE *Leonard Russell Squirrell (1893-1979)... Sold for £200

Lot 180: *Ishbel McWhirter (b.1927) PORTRAIT OF TAMARA USTINOV Signed *Ishbel McWhirter (b.1927) PORTRAIT OF ... Sold for £160

Lot 181: *Ben Nicholson OM (1894-1982) 'ROOFTOPS *Ben Nicholson OM (1894-1982) 'ROOFTOPS, PENZANCE' Signed,... Sold for £8,800

Lot 182: *Roger Hilton (1911-1975) SEATED NUDE Signed with initials and dated '73 l.r. *Roger Hilton... Sold for £2,100

Lot 185: *Duncan Grant (1885-1978) 'HOUSE AND STREAM' Signed and dated '25 l.l. *Duncan Grant (1885-1978)... Sold for £850

Lot 186: *Osbert Lancaster (1908-1986) 'AN IMPERIAL PERSONAGE' Gouache 39 x 27cm Provenance: With the... Sold for £450

Lot 187: *Valerie Thornton (1931-1991) 'SKETCH IN NORTH UIST *Valerie Thornton (1931-1991) 'SKETCH IN NORTH... Sold for £140

Lot 188: *Silvia Baker (20th century) RESTING CAT Signed with initials l.r. *Silvia Baker (20th century)... Sold for £160

Lot 189: *Silvia Baker (20th century) STUDY OF A LYNX Signed with initals l.r. *Silvia Baker (20th century)... Sold for £200

Lot 190: *John Bratby RA (1928-1992) TATTOOED WOMAN Pencil 13 x 18cm Provenance: Julian Hartnoll *John... Sold for £200

Lot 192: *John Hopkinson (b.1941) STREET FIGURES Signed l.l. *John Hopkinson (b.1941) STREET FIGURES Signed... Sold for £140

Lot 193: *John Melville (1902-1986) 'ROUGH SEAS *John Melville (1902-1986) 'ROUGH SEAS, ISLES OF SCILLY'... Sold for £220

Lot 194: *Douglas Owen Portway (1922-1993) 'STANDING NUDE' Signed and dated '90 l.l. *Douglas Owen Portway... Sold for £300

Lot 195: *David Tindle RA (b.1932) SELF-PORTRAIT Signed with initials and dated '63 l.r. *David Tindle RA (b.... Sold for £200

Lot 197: *Nettie Firman (contemporary) 'JELLY' Signed with initials l.r. *Nettie Firman (contemporary)... Sold for £220

Lot 199: *Ken Howard RA (b.1932) 'BART'S FIELD' Signed and dated 4.9.79 l.r. *Ken Howard RA (b.1932) 'BART'S ... Sold for £240

Lot 200: *Paul Hogarth (1917-2001) 'DUBLIN' Signed and inscribed with title l.l. *Paul Hogarth (1917-2001)... Sold for £260

Lot 201: *Ithell Colquhoun (1906-1988) 'NASTURTIUMS' Signed l.l. *Ithell Colquhoun (1906-1988) 'NASTURTIUMS' ... Sold for £820

Lot 202: *Hugo Grenville (b.1958) 'SEATED NUDE *Hugo Grenville (b.1958) 'SEATED NUDE, FRENCH CHINTZ' Signed... Sold for £350

Lot 203: *Lionel Bulmer (1919-1992) 'PLEASURE STEAMER ON THE BANKS OF THE THAMES' Oil on board 26 x... Sold for £900

Lot 204: *Lionel Bulmer (1919-1992) 'THE TURQUOISE SHUTTERS' Oil on board 34 x 25cm *Artist's Resale Right... Sold for £1,500

Lot 205: *Lionel Bulmer (1919-1992) 'COASTAL TOWNSCAPE II *Lionel Bulmer (1919-1992) 'COASTAL TOWNSCAPE II,... Sold for £750

Lot 206: *Lionel Bulmer (1919-1992) 'SERPENTINE PAVILION' Oil on board 19 x 34cm *Artist's Resale Right may ... Sold for £800

Lot 207: *Lionel Bulmer (1919-1992) 'THE EVERLASTING FLOWERS: SHELLAND' Signed with initials l.l. *Lionel... Sold for £2,000

Lot 208: *Lionel Bulmer (1919-1992) 'TWO ROOMS' Inscribed with title on artist's label verso *Lionel Bulmer... Sold for £1,500

Lot 209: *Margaret Green (1925-2003) 'SNOW IN WINTER' Signed l.r. *Margaret Green (1925-2003) 'SNOW IN... Sold for £2,700

Lot 210: *Margaret Green (1925-2003) 'HOME IN WINTER *Margaret Green (1925-2003) 'HOME IN WINTER, STOWMARKET'... Sold for £2,100

Lot 211: *Margaret Green (1925-2003) 'WINTER IN THURLOE SQUARE' Signed with initials l.r. *Margaret Green... Sold for £3,500

Lot 212: *Margaret Green (1925-2003) 'ON THE PIER - SEATON CAREW' Oil on card 19 x 25cm *Artist's Resale... Sold for £450

Lot 213: *Margaret Green (1925-2003) 'WALBERSWICK' Signed l.r. *Margaret Green (1925-2003) 'WALBERSWICK'... Sold for £850

Lot 214: *Margaret Green (1925-2003) 'GOING HOME' Signed l.r. *Margaret Green (1925-2003) 'GOING HOME'... Sold for £550

Lot 215: *Wilhelmina Barns-Graham (1912-2004) 'CARNIVAL' Signed and dated 1968 l.r. *Wilhelmina Barns-Graham ... Sold for £3,500

Lot 216: *Duncan Grant (1885-1978) STILL LIFE OF FOUR BOTTLES Signed and dated 1973 l.l. *Duncan Grant (1885-... Sold for £3,100

Lot 217: *Humphrey Waterfield (1908-1971) FLOWERS AND APPLES ON A TABLE *Humphrey Waterfield (1908-1971)... Sold for £650

Lot 218: *Carel Weight RA (1908-1997) HAMMERSMITH BROADWAY Signed u.r. *Carel Weight RA (1908-1997)... Sold for £16,500

Lot 219: *Carel Weight RA (1908-1997) TWO MEN ON A PATH Oil on canvas board 32 x 16.5cm *Artist's Resale... Sold for £980

Lot 220: *Carel Weight RA (1908-1997) 'BRAZILIAN GIRL - 2ND VERSION' Signed l.l. *Carel Weight RA... Sold for £1,650

Lot 222: Sir William Rothenstein (1872-1945) 'RICKYARD IN WINTER' Signed and inscribed 'no 58' verso Sir... Sold for £900

Lot 223: *Lizzie Riches (b.1950) 'SAGGITAURIS' *Lizzie Riches (b.1950) 'SAGGITAURIS', 1988 Signed with... Sold for £600

Lot 224: *Ronald George Ferns (1925-1997) LONDON OMNIBUS IN THE RAIN Oil on canvas 31 x 41cm *Artist's... Sold for £350

Lot 225: *Ronald George Ferns (1925-1997) MOTHER AND CHILD SEATED ON THE BEACH; THE PUNCH AND JUDY SHOW A... Sold for £450

Lot 226: *Ronald George Ferns (1925-1997) 'MORNING ON THE DOWNS' Oil on canvas 63 x 76cm *Ronald George... Sold for £550

Lot 227: *Jeremy Barlow (b.1945) A VENETIAN CANAL Signed l.r. *Jeremy Barlow (b.1945) A VENETIAN CANAL... Sold for £800

Lot 229: *Franklin White (1892-1975) HOP-PICKING Oil on canvas 56.5 x 123cm *Artist's Resale Right may... Sold for £580

Lot 230: *Philip Jones (1933-2008) 'SPRING FIELDS *Philip Jones (1933-2008) 'SPRING FIELDS, CLERMONT' Signed,... Sold for £780

Lot 231: *Frank Beanland (b.1936) UNTITLED Signed with monogram l.l. *Frank Beanland (b.1936) UNTITLED... Sold for £280

Lot 232: *Robert Newton (contemporary) 'THE VALE COQUET *Robert Newton (contemporary) 'THE VALE COQUET, LATE ... Sold for £350

Lot 233: British School British School, c.1960s UNTITLED Oil on canvas 76 x 101cm Sold for £140

Lot 234: *Ian Humphreys (b.1956) 'THE CATCH' *Ian Humphreys (b.1956) 'THE CATCH', 2008 Oil on board 18 x... Sold for £400

Lot 235: *John Newland (b.1936) 'INCOMING TIDE *John Newland (b.1936) 'INCOMING TIDE, BRANCASTER' Acrylic on ... Sold for £800

Lot 236: *Jeffrey Camp RA (b.1923) 'CLEOPATRA'S NEEDLE' Oil on board 31 x 94cm Exhibited: Arts Council of... Sold for £1,050

Lot 237: *Alma Wolfson (b.1942) 'BALVICAR BAY' Signed l.r. *Alma Wolfson (b.1942) 'BALVICAR BAY' Signed l.r.,... Sold for £750

Lot 238: *David Smith (b.1957) 'MOON AND RUNNING SEA' Signed l.r. *David Smith (b.1957) 'MOON AND RUNNING... Sold for £320

Lot 239: *David Carr (1915-1968) MAN AND MACHINE Oil on board 61 x 76cm *David Carr (1915-1968) MAN AND... Sold for £500

Lot 241: *Lord Paul Aysford Methuen RA (1886-1974) 'ANGROECUM SESQUIPEDALE'; 'ANGROECUM EBURNEUM' A pair... Sold for £520

Lot 242: *Ian Jones (b.1947) 'NORTHFIELD GIRLS' Signed *Ian Jones (b.1947) 'NORTHFIELD GIRLS' Signed,... Sold for £1,750

Lot 243: *Eileen Cooper (b.1953) 'WOMAN RESTING WITH SNAKE AND FLOWER' Signed and dated 1990 verso *Eileen... Sold for £1,000

Lot 244: *Kate Whiteford (b.1952) 'DIPTYCH I' A pair *Kate Whiteford (b.1952) 'DIPTYCH I' A pair, signed,... Sold for £300

Lot 245: *Kate Whiteford (b.1952) 'DIPTYCH II' A pair *Kate Whiteford (b.1952) 'DIPTYCH II' A pair, signed,... Sold for £300

Lot 246: *Joe Scarborough (b.1938) 'WINNIFRED SISSONS - CLEANING LADY AT THE SWAN' Signed and dated 78 l.l.... Sold for £600

Lot 247: *Harold Steggles (1911-1971) 'LANDSCAPE *Harold Steggles (1911-1971) 'LANDSCAPE, STOKE BY NAYLAND'... Sold for £1,050

Lot 248: *Harold Steggles (1911-1971) COOKHAM *Harold Steggles (1911-1971) COOKHAM, BUCKS Signed l.r., oil... Sold for £880

Lot 249: *Barnett Freedman (1901-1958) STUDY OF A CART Signed and inscribed with title on artist's label... Sold for £780

Lot 250: *Charles Mahoney RA (1903-1968) 'DRAMA IN A GARDEN' Oil on paper 23 x 31cm; and another by the same ... Sold for £850

Lot 251: *Evelyn Dunbar (1906-1960) STUDY FOR THE BROCKLEY MURAL Oil over pencil on paper 21.5 x... Sold for £3,100

Lot 252: *Colin Hayes RA (1919-2003) 'WOOD IN KENT' Signed l.l. oil on canvas 41 x 61cm *Artist's Resale... Sold for £480

Lot 253: *Frederick Cuming RA (b.1930) 'LITTLEHAMPTON *Frederick Cuming RA (b.1930) 'LITTLEHAMPTON, SWING... Sold for £720

Lot 254: *Barnett Freedman (1901-1958) 'FINGEST VALLEY' Signed and dated '32 l.r. *Barnett Freedman... Sold for £850

Lot 255: *Robert Buhler RA (1916-1989) TREES IN A PARK Signed l.r. *Robert Buhler RA (1916-1989) TREES IN A... Sold for £680

Lot 256: Modern British School VIEW OF THE INSIDE OF A STEELWORKS Indistinctly signed 'Robert...' l.l.... Sold for £400

Lot 257: *Audrey Hind (b.1936) 'BODAFON FARM' Signed l.r. *Audrey Hind (b.1936) 'BODAFON FARM' Signed l.r.,... Sold for £1,700

Lot 258: *Howard Roberts (1922-1979) 'MIDSUMMER *Howard Roberts (1922-1979) 'MIDSUMMER, TRELEDDYN, ST.... Sold for £280

Lot 259: *Tom Gerrard (1923-1976) 'TALWRN *Tom Gerrard (1923-1976) 'TALWRN, ANGLESEY' Inscribed with title... Sold for £450

Lot 260: *Martin Decent (contemporary) SHEEP IN A HILLY LANDSCAPE Signed and dated '08 l.l. *Martin Decent... Sold for £550

Lot 261: *Susan Ryder (b.1944) THE OAK DESK Signed l.r. *Susan Ryder (b.1944) THE OAK DESK Signed l.r., oil... Sold for £1,050

Lot 262: *John McLean (b. 1939) 'LUNETTE' Signed *John McLean (b. 1939) 'LUNETTE' Signed, inscribed with... Sold for £750

Lot 263: *Martin Bradley (b.1931) 'MIG *Martin Bradley (b.1931) 'MIG, AVIELLE, BOUCHE' Signed and dated 63 l.... Sold for £2,400

Lot 264: *Valerie Thornton (1931-1991) A CHURCH INTERIOR Signed l.r. *Valerie Thornton (1931-1991) A CHURCH... Sold for £920

Lot 265: *Ken Howard RA (b.1932) 'LAKE PICHOLA *Ken Howard RA (b.1932) 'LAKE PICHOLA, UDAIPUR' Signed l.r.,... Sold for £650

Lot 266: *Ken Howard RA (b.1932) 'TOWARDS UDAIPUR FROM THE HANUMAN GHAT' Signed l.r. *Ken Howard RA (b.1932) ... Sold for £820

Lot 267: Camden Town School 'JIMMY Camden Town School 'JIMMY, WAITER AT THE BRIGHTON TAVERN, CAMDEN TOWN'... Sold for £850

Lot 269: *Derek Hill (1916-2000) COTTAGES IN A COASTAL LANDSCAPE Oil on canvas 52 x 92cm *Derek Hill... Sold for £2,900

Lot 270: *Fred Yates (1922-2008) STILL LIFE OF FLOWERS ON A STOOL Signed l.r. *Fred Yates (1922-2008) STILL... Sold for £2,200

Lot 273: *Robert Kelsey (b.1949) 'ALDEBURGH BEACH' Signed l.r. *Robert Kelsey (b.1949) 'ALDEBURGH BEACH'... Sold for £780

Lot 274: *Robert Kelsey (b.1949) 'CLOUDS OVER THE PAPS OF JURA' Signed l.r. *Robert Kelsey (b.1949) 'CLOUDS... Sold for £1,450

Lot 275: *Robert Kelsey (b.1949) 'PAPS OF JURA' Signed l.r. *Robert Kelsey (b.1949) 'PAPS OF JURA' Signed... Sold for £680

Lot 276: *Robert Kelsey (b.1949) 'THE SOUND OF IONA' Signed l.r. *Robert Kelsey (b.1949) 'THE SOUND OF IONA' ... Sold for £780

Lot 277: *James Horton (b.1948) STANDING NUDE WITH MIRRORS Signed and dated '90 l.r. *James Horton (b.1948)... Sold for £380

Lot 278: *Robert Brown (20th century) ‘SUNNY MORNING’ Signed and dated '93 l.r. *Robert Brown (20th... Sold for £320

Lot 280: *Anthony Fry (b.1927) 'NUDE XX' Oil on canvas 26 x 36cm Provenance: With the New Art Centre... Sold for £1,450

Lot 281: *Sir Lawrence Gowing RA (1918-1991) WATERMEADOWS *Sir Lawrence Gowing RA (1918-1991) WATERMEADOWS,... Sold for £1,400

Lot 282: *Glyn Morgan (1926-2015) 'FLOWERS' Signed and dated '59 l.r. *Glyn Morgan (1926-2015) 'FLOWERS'... Sold for £1,750

Lot 283: *Humphrey Spender (1910-2005) 'BEELEIGH FALLS *Humphrey Spender (1910-2005) 'BEELEIGH FALLS, MALDON,... Sold for £380

Lot 284: *Harold Dearden (1888-1969) HORSES IN AN OPEN LANDSCAPE Signed and dated 1955 l.r. *Harold Dearden... Sold for £260

Lot 286: *Mary Godwin (1887-1960) 'THE VIADUCT' (KNARESBOROUGH?) Signed and inscribed with title verso *Mary ... Sold for £420

Lot 287: *Leslie Kent (1890-1980) A LANDSCAPE UNDER SNOW; verso *Leslie Kent (1890-1980) A LANDSCAPE UNDER... Sold for £200

Lot 288: *John Alfred Haggis (1897-1968) A FARMHOUSE AMONGST TREES Signed and dated 1932 l.r. *John Alfred... Sold for £140

Lot 289: *Bernard Fleetwood Walker RA (1893-1965) A PORTRAIT STUDY OF A YOUNG WOMAN Signed and dated 1930... Sold for £780

Lot 291: English School English School, early 20th century A STILL LIFE OF A JUG OF CHRYSANTHEMUMS AND BOOKS ... Sold for £320

Lot 292: *Cyril J Ross (1891-1973) THE ANARCHISTS Signed l.l. *Cyril J Ross (1891-1973) THE ANARCHISTS... Sold for £380

Lot 293: *Frank Beanland (b.1936) 'THE RED WALL' Signed *Frank Beanland (b.1936) 'THE RED WALL' Signed,... Sold for £220

Lot 294: *Frank Beanland (b.1936) UNTITLED Three *Frank Beanland (b.1936) UNTITLED Three, oil on board 45 x... Sold for £550

Lot 295: *Denis Bowen (1921-2006) TWO FROM THE 'SPACESCAPE' SERIES; THREE FROM THE 'PLANETSCAPE' SERIES All... Sold for £350

Lot 297: *Neil Dallas Brown (1938-2003) 'LOVERS AND SKY THREAT' Signed *Neil Dallas Brown (1938-2003)... Sold for £120

Lot 298: *Neil Dallas Brown (1938-2003) 'LOVERS AND BIRD II' Signed *Neil Dallas Brown (1938-2003) 'LOVERS... Sold for £180

Lot 299: *John Christoforou (1921-2014) 'ORIENTAL LANDSCAPE' Signed l.r. and inscribed with title verso 62 x ... Sold for £1,150

Lot 300: *Gerald Cooper (1898-1975) LANDSCAPE WITH HAYCARTS Signed verso *Gerald Cooper (1898-1975)... Sold for £160

Lot 301: *Barbara Delaney (b.1941) 'WHITE BIRD' Signed and dated 26.1.93 l.r. *Barbara Delaney (b.1941)... Sold for £140

Lot 302: *James Dodds (b.1957) ABSTRACT TEXTURAL PATTERN Signed and also signed verso *James Dodds (b.1957)... Sold for £160

Lot 303: *Bernard Farmer (1919-2002) UNTITLED Oil on canvas 163 x 123cm *Bernard Farmer (1919-2002)... Sold for £680

Lot 304: *Bernard Farmer (1919-2002) UNTITLED Oil on canvas 137 x 122cm *Bernard Farmer (1919-2002)... Sold for £900

Lot 305: *Bernard Farmer (1919-2002) UNTITLED Oil on canvas 123 x 137cm *Bernard Farmer (1919-2002)... Sold for £380

Lot 307: *Jo Jones (1894-1989) GYPSY ENTERTAINERS IN GRANADA Signed *Jo Jones (1894-1989) GYPSY ENTERTAINERS ... Sold for £300

Lot 308: *Jo Jones (1894-1989) 'THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS' Signed l.l. *Jo Jones (1894-1989) 'THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS' ... Sold for £200

Lot 310: *Raymond Martinez (b.1937) 'ROCCHETTA' Signed and inscribed with title verso *Raymond Martinez... Sold for £280

Lot 311: *John Melville (1902-1986) 'DECAYING PLANET' Signed *John Melville (1902-1986) 'DECAYING PLANET'... Sold for £120

Lot 312: *John Melville (1902-1986) UNTITLED Signed and dated 63 *John Melville (1902-1986) UNTITLED Signed... Sold for £200

Lot 313: *Theodore Mendez (1934-1997) GREY COMPOSITION *Theodore Mendez (1934-1997) GREY COMPOSITION, No.... Sold for £880

Lot 314: *Leszek Tadeusz Muszynski (1923-2012) 'FIGURES IN THE SHADOW' Signed *Leszek Tadeusz Muszynski... Sold for £680

Lot 315: *Geoffrey Rigden (b.1943) 'SAMSAT #4' Signed *Geoffrey Rigden (b.1943) 'SAMSAT #4' Signed,... Sold for £300

Lot 316: *Peter Schmidt (1931-1980) UNTITLED Dated '58 verso *Peter Schmidt (1931-1980) UNTITLED Dated '58... Sold for £680

Lot 317: *Lincoln Seligman (b.1950) 'UNTITLED RED 1999' Signed l.r. *Lincoln Seligman (b.1950) 'UNTITLED RED ... Sold for £120

Lot 318: *John Selway (b.1938) 'THE CLOWN' Signed *John Selway (b.1938) 'THE CLOWN' Signed, inscribed with... Sold for £380

Lot 320: *Christopher Sturgess-Lief (1937-2011) UNTITLED Signed l.l. *Christopher Sturgess-Lief (1937-2011)... Sold for £500

Lot 321: *Leo McDowell (1936-2011) TRIPTYCH *Leo McDowell (1936-2011) TRIPTYCH, 1989 Signed l.c., mixed... Sold for £160

Lot 322: *Leo McDowell (1936-2011) HORSE AND RIDER *Leo McDowell (1936-2011) HORSE AND RIDER, 1989 Signed... Sold for £160

Lot 323: *Leo McDowell (1936-2011) STILL LIFE WITH A BLUE VASE OF FLOWERS AND A BOWL OF FRUIT ON A... Sold for £550

Lot 324: *Leo McDowell (1936-2011) 'ARRIVAL OF THE WHITE HORSEMEN' *Leo McDowell (1936-2011) 'ARRIVAL OF THE ... Sold for £450

Lot 325: *Leo McDowell (1936-2011) STILL LIFE WITH A VASE OF FLOWERS ON A YELLOW TABLE Signed l.r. *Leo... Sold for £480

Lot 326: *Leo McDowell (1936-2011) 'PASSING THE LIGHTHOUSE' Signed l.r. *Leo McDowell (1936-2011) 'PASSING... Sold for £280

Lot 327: *Leo McDowell (1936-2011) 'VIRGINIA' (WOOLF) Signed l.l. *Leo McDowell (1936-2011) 'VIRGINIA'... Sold for £420

Lot 331: *John Cox (contemporary) BUZZARD Bronze 100cm wide open 35cm deep 50cm high *Artist's Resale... Sold for £1,100

Lot 333: *Chris Wood (contemporary) LIGHT SCULPTURE Glass on a metal backboard 90 x 20cm *Artist's Resale... Sold for £520

Lot 334: *John Doubleday (b.1947) 'SWIMMER' Bronze *John Doubleday (b.1947) 'SWIMMER' Bronze, unique,... Sold for £300

Lot 335: Attributed to Sir Jacob Epstein (1880-1959) HEAD OF A MAN Bronze Attributed to Sir Jacob Epstein... Sold for £1,300

Lot 336: *Bill Harling (b.1946) ST FRANCIS Bronze resin *Bill Harling (b.1946) ST FRANCIS Bronze resin,... Sold for £3,000

Lot 339: *David Cooke (b.1970) GOLDEN EAGLE Stoneware *David Cooke (b.1970) GOLDEN EAGLE Stoneware, unique... Sold for £2,000

Lot 340: *Wilfred Pritchard (b.1970) 'VELOCIRAPTOR' Corten steel *Wilfred Pritchard (b.1970) 'VELOCIRAPTOR'... Sold for £5,100

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