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Sale date: Tuesday, 26th September 2017 - Books and Maps

Lot 2: Greenwood Greenwood, Christopher: Two works in one volume 1- Map of the County of Surrey, from an... Sold for £280

Lot 3: 1- Arrowsmith: A New General Atlas 1- Arrowsmith: A New General Atlas, constructed from the latest... Sold for £300

Lot 4: Bartholomew's Reduced Ordnance Survey for Tourists & Cyclists; scale 2 miles to an inch; no date... Sold for £160



Lot 7: John Speede THE COUNTIE WESTMORLAND hand-coloured map John Speede THE COUNTIE WESTMORLAND... Sold for £220

Lot 8: John Speede CUMBERLAND John Speede CUMBERLAND, HER ANCIENTE CITY OF CARLILE, 1610 hand-coloured... Sold for £180

Lot 9: John Speede GLOUCESTERSHIRE hand-coloured map John Speede GLOUCESTERSHIRE hand-coloured map, and... Sold for £280

Lot 12: 1- Cary's Traveller's Companion 1- Cary's Traveller's Companion, or a Delineation of the Turnpike... Sold for £170


Lot 15: Robert Sayer Robert Sayer, England and Wales, c.1770, 'A New and Correct Post Map of the Great... Sold for £620

Lot 16: Mogg Mogg, Edward: London in Miniature, with the surrounding villages, an entire new plan , in... Sold for £170

Lot 17: 1- Wyld’s new plan of London and its vicinity. 1874 1- Wyld’s new plan of London and its vicinity.... Sold for £420

Lot 18: SCOTLAND: 1- New Road Map of Scotland With All The Lines of Railway SCOTLAND: 1- New Road Map of... Sold for £160

Lot 19: 1- Domenico Rossi / Antonio Barbey: Nuova Pianta Della Citta Di Roma Coll'Indice De Tempij Palazzi... Sold for £400

Lot 20: 1- Cruchley's Superior Map of London 1- Cruchley's Superior Map of London, improved to 1857.... Sold for £230

Lot 21: Lotterus Lotterus, Tobias Conradus; Tobias Lobeck: Atlas Geographicus Portatilis, XXIX Mappis Orbis ... Sold for £520

Lot 22: Ortelius Ortelius, Abraham: Atlas (Theatrum Orbis Terrarum)? No title page, Lacking all before the... Sold for £3,100

Lot 23: Keere Keere, P. Van den: [Miniature Speed] England, Wales and Scotland. Lacking title page and 3... Sold for £1,350

Lot 24: Seller Seller, John: Scripture Geography.. Lacking Title page; c1690. A collection of 27 hand... Sold for £1,550

Lot 25: Bowen Bowen, Emmanuel (Engraver); Owen, John: Britannia Depicta or Ogilby Improv'd. Being an actual ... Sold for £440

Lot 26: Moll Moll, Herman: Thirty Two New and Accurate Maps of the Geography of the Ancients, as contained... Sold for £380

Lot 27: Taylor & Skinner's Survey and Maps of the Roads of North Britain or Scotland to His Grace John Duke ... Sold for £380

Lot 28: Ogilby Ogilby, J; J. Senex: An actual Survey of all the Principal Roads of England and Wales;... Sold for £160

Lot 29: (Arrowsmith): Orbis Terrarum Veteribus Noti. A Comparative Atlas of Ancient and Modern Geography... Sold for £240

Lot 30: 1- Bennett 1- Bennett, C H: Old Nurse's Book of Rhymes, Jingles and Ditties. Griffith & Farran,... Sold for £160

Lot 31: 1- Bell 1- Bell, Quentin: The True Story of Cinderella. 1957, first edition, dw(15s.); couple of... Sold for £220

Lot 32: 1- RUPERT BEAR: 3 Titles 1- RUPERT BEAR: 3 Titles, plus a duplicate: More Rupert Adventures; The... Sold for £190

Lot 33: 1- Wain 1- Wain, Louis: Pa Cats, Ma Cats and Their Kittens. Raphael Tuck, n.d. (1902), first... Sold for £200

Lot 34: 1- Lang 1- Lang, Andrew: The Brown Fairy Book. Longmans, Green, 1904, 1st. edition, with 8 colour... Sold for £180

Lot 36: MILNE MILNE, A A: The House at Pooh Corner. Decorations by Ernest Shepard. Methuen and Co., 1928,... Sold for £200

Lot 37: 1- Blyton 1- Blyton, Enid: Five Have a Mystery to Solve. Hodder and Stoughton, 1962, 1st. edn. dw... Sold for £130

Lot 39: A collection of 12 books A collection of 12 books, including: Chambers. Jack S: A Werner Laurie... Sold for £130

Lot 40: Daily Express Publications: 1- The Rupert book Daily Express Publications: 1- The Rupert book, 1941.... Sold for £260

Lot 41: ENYD BLYTON: 1- five go to Smuggler’s top. Hodder & Stoughton ENYD BLYTON: 1- five go to Smuggler’s ... Sold for £260

Lot 43: AWDRY AWDRY, Rev. W: 26 THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE books; 23 first editions (17 with dust jackets,... Sold for £480

Lot 47: BARRY BARRY, Henry (Lieutenant 85th. foot): 110 page Journal written in a neat hand, between Sept.... Sold for £620

Lot 48: Dexter Dexter, Colin: 1- Last Seen Wearing. Macmillan, 1976, first edition, dust jacket(£2.95).... Sold for £400

Lot 49: 1- Dahl 1- Dahl, Roald: My Uncle Oswald. Penguin paper back, 1980, first thus; inscribed, dated... Sold for £90

Lot 50: (Whittington Press) CRAIG (Whittington Press) CRAIG, John: Venice. Risbury, 2016, Limited edition... Sold for £130

Lot 51: 1- MANUSCRIPT DIARY: Florence Saden 1- MANUSCRIPT DIARY: Florence Saden, aged Seventeen; 1883/84... Sold for £180

Lot 52: Freedman Freedman, Barnett: Real Farmhouse Cheese. No publisher and no date, but: (Milk Marketing... Sold for £380

Lot 53: Admiral Sir Wilmot Hawksworth Fawkes Admiral Sir Wilmot Hawksworth Fawkes, GCB, KCVO (22 December... Sold for £1,250

Lot 54: SPARE SPARE, Austin Osman: Earth Inferno. Printed by the Co-Operative Printing Society Limited.,... Sold for £650

Lot 57: DAVIES DAVIES, W. H: 1- The Soul's Destroyer and other poems (Author’s First Book). Privately... Sold for £260

Lot 59: Manuscript- Prayers written neat hand; (John Welby Manuscript- Prayers written neat hand; (John... Sold for £900

Lot 60: Fourteenth century Breviary Manuscript leaf on vellum. Double sided and illuminated. Mounted.... Sold for £90

Lot 63: Tolkien Tolkien, J. R. R.: The Hobbit or There and Back Again. George Allen and Unwin Ltd, London,... Sold for £3,700

Lot 65: Beeton Beeton, Mrs Isabella: The Book of Household Management; Comprising information for the... Sold for £220

Lot 66: Fleming Fleming, Ian: 1- Diamonds are Forever. J. Cape, 1956, first edition, NO dust jacket; bound... Sold for £280

Lot 67: 1- Tegenbosch 1- Tegenbosch, Lambert: Andy Warhol Reigning Queens. George Mulder, Amsterdam, 1985.... Sold for £140

Lot 68: 1- Steinbeck 1- Steinbeck, John: East of Eden. 1952, first edition, dw(15s.); small tears with tape ... Sold for £130

Lot 69: 1- Chatwin 1- Chatwin, Bruce: In Patagonia. 1977, first edition, dw(pc); VG; 2- Deighton, Len:... Sold for £120


Lot 71: Bradbury Bradbury, Ray: Fahrenheit 451. Rupert Hart-Davis, 1954, fist edition, dw(9s. 6d.), price... Sold for £120

Lot 74: The Winchester Psalter Miniature Cycle. The Folio Society 2015 The Winchester Psalter Miniature... Sold for £200

Lot 75: 1- Rackham 1- Rackham, A(ill); Wagner: The Rhinegold & The Valkyrie. Heinemann, 1910, 1st. edn.... Sold for £300

Lot 76: Orwell Orwell, George: Nineteen Eighty-Four. L, Secker and Warburg, 1949, First edn. With a... Sold for £150

Lot 77: EGYPT: Five photograph albums EGYPT: Five photograph albums, c1890-1920 (5) Sold for £1,500

Lot 78: JAPAN: Two Japanese lacquered albums; with coloured silk lining throughout JAPAN: Two Japanese... Sold for £160

Lot 79: General: Five General photograph albums to include India General: Five General photograph albums to ... Sold for £380

Lot 80: ENGLAND: Four photograph albums: 1- large ENGLAND: Four photograph albums: 1- large, with c80... Sold for £340

Lot 81: JAPAN: Two albums: 1- c70 large photographs JAPAN: Two albums: 1- c70 large photographs, mainly... Sold for £980

Lot 82: Cruise tours Cruise tours, Mediterranean, etc. Two albums: 1- Steam Yacht 'Victoria', Feb, 1891-... Sold for £170

Lot 83: WAR WAR, SHIPS: 1- Battlefields and cities of Belgium- tour, 1919. Photographs and postcards; with: ... Sold for £110

Lot 84: Mediterranean: 1- Greece (12) Mediterranean: 1- Greece (12), Turkey (8 coloured), Jerusalem (23... Sold for £520

Lot 85: EUROPE EUROPE, Two Albums: 1- Ireland (Cork), England. C52 photographs, with Mauchlin Ware cover,... Sold for £110

Lot 87: Middle East/ Arabia: a large album of c50 photographs of mainly ladies. Middle East/ Arabia: a... Sold for £2,300

Lot 88: Post card album Post card album, c190 cards- East, West & South Africa; & few of India. Sold for £110

Lot 89: Erwin Blumenfeld Portfolio. Milan Erwin Blumenfeld Portfolio. Milan, Gruppo Editoriale Electa, 1982,... Sold for £110

Lot 92: FAY GODWIN (1931-2005): Two Signed Photographs: 1- Royal Military Canal FAY GODWIN (1931-2005): Two ... Sold for £400

Lot 93: CHRIS KILLIP (b. 1946): Two photographs Plus ALS 1- Sea Coaler CHRIS KILLIP (b. 1946): Two... Sold for £1,200

Lot 96: George Bayntun: 14 volumes of Dickens works George Bayntun: 14 volumes of Dickens works, Oxford... Sold for £300

Lot 97: 1- Smollett 1- Smollett, T: Miscellaneous Works. In 6 volumes; 1800. Cont. full leather rubbed and... Sold for £220

Lot 98: Binding: c34 leather bound books. (Qty) Binding: c34 leather bound books. (Qty) Sold for £280

Lot 99: 1- The Proceedings of a General Court-Martial held at the Horse-Guards.. to Saturday the 5th of... Sold for £200

Lot 101: Shakespeare: Comedies Shakespeare: Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies; Being a Reproduction in... Sold for £240

Lot 102: 1- (Goldsmith 1- (Goldsmith, Oliver): Poems for Young Ladies. In three parts. Devotional, moral,... Sold for £100

Lot 103: Scott Scott, Sir Walter: The Waverley Novels, 48 volumes Printed for Robert Cadell, Edinburgh, 1829-... Sold for £170

Lot 104: 1- Poetae Minores Graeci; Accedunt etiam observationes Radulphi Wintertoni in Hesiodum. Cambridge 1-... Sold for £60

Lot 106: Bull Bull, Rene (ill.): Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. London, Hodder and Stoughton, no date (1913),... Sold for £280

Lot 108: 1- Parallel 1- Parallel, J(ill.): Charley Chalk; or, the Career of an Artist: Being Sketches from... Sold for £190

Lot 109: 1- Rackham 1- Rackham, A (ill.): Sigfried and the Twilight of the Gods. Heinemann, 1911, 1st. edn.... Sold for £120

Lot 110: SEM (Georges Goursat): SEM A LA MER BLEUE. Edition du midi SEM (Georges Goursat): SEM A LA MER... Sold for £120

Lot 111: 1- Baudelaire: Les Fleurs du Mal in Pattern and Prose by Beresford Egan and C. Bower Alcock.... Sold for £80

Lot 113: 1- The Town and Country Magazine or Universal Repository of Knowledge 1- The Town and Country... Sold for £100

Lot 114: Britannia Depicta or Ogilby Improv'd. Being an actual survey of all the direct and principal cross... Sold for £440

Lot 116: Wahlen Wahlen, Auguste: Moeurs, Usages et Costumes de Tous les peuples du monde: AFRIQUE , AMERIQUE.... Sold for £140

Lot 117: MAUND (BENJAMIN) AND J.S.HENSLOW: The Botanist: Containing Accurately Coloured Figures of Tender... Sold for £350

Lot 121: Boyer Boyer, Abel: The draughts of the most remarkable fortified towns of Europe, in 44 copper... Sold for £780

Lot 122: HOGARTH (WILLIAM): Hogarth Restored. The Whole Works... as Originally Published... Now Re-engraved... Sold for £600

Lot 123: BYRON BYRON, Captain [George Anson]: Voyage of H.M.S. Blonde to the Sandwich Islands, In the Years... Sold for £340

Lot 124: 1- Graham 1- Graham, Maria: Journal of a Residence in India. Edinburgh, Constable, 1813, 2nd. edn.... Sold for £100

Lot 125: Alcock Alcock, Sir Rutherford: The Capital of the Tycoon. A Narrative of a Three Years' Residence... Sold for £260

Lot 126: Denham Denham, Major; Captain Clapperton & late Doctor Oudney: Narrative of Travels and Discoveries ... Sold for £180

Lot 127: VENEGAS VENEGAS, Miguel; Johann Christoph Adelung (transl.): Natürliche und bürgerliche Geschichte... Sold for £680

Lot 128: HERBERT HERBERT, Thomas: Some Years Travels into Divers Parts of Asia and Africa. Printed by R. Bip.... Sold for £820

Lot 132: 1- Pussendorf 1- Pussendorf, Samuell: The Compleat History of Sweden from Its Origin to This Time.. ... Sold for £140

Lot 133: Wright Wright, T; LE KEUX, John: Memorials of Cambridge: a series of views of the colleges, halls... Sold for £140

Lot 134: 1- FALDA 1- FALDA, Giovanni Battista: Il Nuovo Teatro Delle Fabriche et edificii in prospettiua di... Sold for £680

Lot 135: 1- Dore 1- Dore, Gustave (ill): LONDON. Grant, 1872. Folio, original pictorial cloth; vg; 2-... Sold for £320

Lot 136: 1- New Guide of Rome and the Environs According to Vasi and Nibby; carefully revised and enlarged.... Sold for £90

Lot 137: Narrative of the Expedition to the Baltic: With an Account of the Siege and Capitulation of... Sold for £340

Lot 139: Leighton Leighton, John M; Fleming, John (illus.): The Lakes of Scotland: A Series of Views from... Sold for £180

Lot 140: 1- The Traveller's Guide Through Scotland and its Islands. J. Thomson Jun. 1- The Traveller's Guide ... Sold for £90

Lot 143: 1- Roscoe 1- Roscoe, T: Wanderings and Excursions in North Wales (51 engravings); PLUS: South Wales ... Sold for £150

Lot 144: 1- Bruce 1- Bruce, James: Travels, Between The Years 1765 And 1773, Through Part Of Africa, Syria,... Sold for £220

Lot 145: SCOTLAND: A large quantity of books relating to Scotland (Qty) SCOTLAND: A large quantity of books... Sold for £110

Lot 146: 1- Chauncy 1- Chauncy, Sir Henry: The Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire. In two volumes.... Sold for £90

Lot 147: Lysons Lysons, Daniel and Samuel: Magna Britannia; being a concise topographical account of the... Sold for £100

Lot 148: NARDINI NARDINI, Famiano: Roma Antica. Carlo Barbiellini 1771, 4to, portrait frontis, Plans,... Sold for £150

Lot 151: 1- Eachard 1- Eachard, L: The Gazetteer's, or Newman's Interpreter. Being a Geographical Index, of... Sold for £80

Lot 152: Mendelsohn Mendelsohn, Erich: 1- Russland, Europa, Amerika. Ein Architektonischer Querschnitt.... Sold for £80

Lot 154: SCARBOROUGH: 1- The Scarborough Guide. Ainsworth SCARBOROUGH: 1- The Scarborough Guide. Ainsworth,... Sold for £120

Lot 155: 1- Fitzgerald 1- Fitzgerald, P; Luker, W(ill): London City Suburbs as They are To-day. Leadenhall... Sold for £80

Lot 156: Parry Parry, William Edward: 1- Journal of a Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from... Sold for £260

Lot 157: 1- KIRBY 1- KIRBY, John: The Suffolk Traveller. for J Shave, 1764, 2nd. edn. with a list of... Sold for £170

Lot 158: 1- Murray 1- Murray, J F: A Picturesque Tour of the River Thames. Bohn, 1845. Illustrated; bound by ... Sold for £200

Lot 159: A Guide to the Lakes in Cumberland A Guide to the Lakes in Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire. ... Sold for £240

Lot 160: Coburn Coburn, A L: Moor Park Rickmansworth: A Series of Photographs. Coburn, Elkin Mathews, 1915.... Sold for £180

Lot 161: Sverdrup Sverdrup, Otto: New Land. Four Years in the Arctic Regions; in TWO Volumes. Longman, Green,... Sold for £100

Lot 163: CHRISTIAAN VAN ADRICHEM: Theatrum Terrae Sanctae et Biblicarum Historiarum cum tabulis Geographicis ... Sold for £620

Lot 165: CATS CATS, Jacob (1577-1660): Alle de Wercken. So Ouden als Nieuwe. Amsterdam, Jan Jacobsz Schipper,... Sold for £420

Lot 166: FOXE (JOHN): [Book of Martyrs]. The Firste [-Second] Volume of the Ecclesiasticall History FOXE... Sold for £1,000

Lot 168: 1- A bound 18 Century volume of 58 individual Acts 1- A bound 18 Century volume of 58 individual... Sold for £400

Lot 169: 1- Limborch 1- Limborch, Philippi A (Limborch, Philippus Van): DE VERITATE RELIGIONIS CHRISTIANAE... Sold for £150

Lot 170: 1- Demosthenes: Cum Latina Hier. Wolfii versione 1- Demosthenes: Cum Latina Hier. Wolfii versione,... Sold for £110

Lot 171: 1- The Compleat Clark: containing the best forms of all sorts of presidents for conveyances and... Sold for £340

Lot 172: 1- Baretti 1- Baretti, J: An Introduction to the Most Useful European Languages. For T. Davies, and ... Sold for £100

Lot 173: 1- Heister 1- Heister, Laurence; Edmund Barker(trasl.): A Compendium of the Practice of Physic. For ... Sold for £340

Lot 174: 1- Museum Rusticum Et Commerciale: Or 1- Museum Rusticum Et Commerciale: Or, Select Papers on... Sold for £160

Lot 175: Six works Six works, bound in one volume: Clarke, Edward Goodman: Medicinae praxeos compendium,... Sold for £170

Lot 176: 1- Walford 1- Walford, Thomas: The Scientific Tourist through England, Wales, & Scotland.. in 2... Sold for £100

Lot 178: 1- (Bethel 1- (Bethel, Slingsby): The interest of princes and states. John Wickins, 1680, 1st. edn. ... Sold for £80

Lot 179: 1- A concise abstract of all the public Acts passed in the two last sessions of Parliament 1- A... Sold for £500

Lot 181: 1- Loudon 1- Loudon, J C: An Encyclopaedia of Cottage, Farm, and Villa Architecture and Furniture ; ... Sold for £150

Lot 182: 1- Nightingale 1- Nightingale, Joseph: Religions and Religious Ceremonies of All Nations. 1821, 1st.... Sold for £100

Lot 183: Whiston Whiston, William: The Genuine Works of Flavius Josephus, The Jewish Historian. In Four... Sold for £80

Lot 184: 1- Marmontel: The Incas: or 1- Marmontel: The Incas: or, the Destruction of the Empire of Peru. In... Sold for £130

Lot 185: 1- ERASMUS 1- ERASMUS, D: Twenty select colloquies. 1680. Cont. full leather; Covers detached and... Sold for £220

Lot 186: Fuller (Thomas): The Historie of the Holy Warre. Cambridge Fuller (Thomas): The Historie of the... Sold for £260

Lot 191: 1- CHAMBERLAYNE 1- CHAMBERLAYNE, John: Magna Britannia Notitia: Or, The Present State of... Sold for £110

Lot 192: 1- Lacroix 1- Lacroix, Paul; Fournier, Edouard and Sere, Ferdinand: Histoire de l'imprimerie et des ... Sold for £100

Lot 193: 1- Adams 1- Adams, Thomas: Typographia: or, the Printer's Instructor.. Philadelphia: L. Johnson &... Sold for £150

Lot 194: Allen Lane: SEVEN books printed as CHRISTMAS Gifts Allen Lane: SEVEN books printed as CHRISTMAS... Sold for £130

Lot 196: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON: Very large quantity of books by and related to him. (Qty) ROBERT LOUIS... Sold for £100

Lot 197: Adagia Adagia, id est, Proverbiorum, Paroemiarum et Parabolarum Omnium, quae apud Graecos, Latinos, ... Sold for £80


Lot 199: CHRYSOSTOMOS Johannes: D.Ioan. Chrysostomi Archiepiscopi Constantinopolitani.. Aantverpiae... Sold for £150

Lot 200: Erasmus Erasmus, Desiderius: Des. Erasmi Rot. In Epistolas Apostolicas Paraphrasis. Lugduni (Lyon), ... Sold for £160

Lot 201: 1- A select collection of old plays; 11 of 12 volumes (lacking vol. 5). Dodsley 1- A select... Sold for £200

Lot 202: 1- Falconer 1- Falconer, William: A Practical Dissertation on the Medicinal Effects of the Bath... Sold for £180

Lot 203: 1- The Contents 1- The Contents, Virtues, and Uses of Nevil-Holt Spaw-Water, Further Proved,... Sold for £280

Lot 205: [MOORE [MOORE, John]: A Treatise on Domestic Pigeons ; Comprehending All the Different Species... Sold for £420

Lot 208: 1- Wilson 1- Wilson, T: A companion to the ball room, containing a choice collection of country... Sold for £320

Lot 211: A collection of miniature books A collection of miniature books, including The New Testament (with... Sold for £80

Lot 214: TWO POSTCARD ALBUMES TWO POSTCARD ALBUMES, C 560 CARDS: Mostly written to the same family, many in... Sold for £500

Lot 215: Scamozzi Scamozzi, Vincent: The Mirror of Architecture: or the Ground-Rules of the Art of Building..... Sold for £170

Lot 216: GLANVILL GLANVILL, Joseph: Scepsis Scientifica: or, Contest Ignorance, the way to Science; In an... Sold for £260

Lot 217: PALLADIO PALLADIO, Andrea: The First Book Of Architecture. Translated Out Of Italian With An... Sold for £160

Lot 218: Professor Hoffmann (A J Lewis): Card Tricks Without Sleight of Hand; or Professor Hoffmann (A J... Sold for £130

Lot 219: [Post-incunabula] LUTHER [Post-incunabula] LUTHER, Martin: De Servo Arbitrio Mar. Lutheri ad D.... Sold for £1,150

Lot 222: [DEFOE [DEFOE, Daniel]: A true Collection of the Writings of the Author of the True Born... Sold for £80

Lot 223: Boroughs Boroughs, John: The soveraignty of the British seas proved by records, history, and the... Sold for £260

Lot 225: YOUNG YOUNG, Arthur: Annals of Agriculture, and other useful Arts. From Volume 1, 1790 To Volume 39,... Sold for £300

Lot 226: 1- Moore 1- Moore, David: Concise Notices of the Indigenous Grasses of Ireland Best Suited for... Sold for £400

Lot 227: JOSEPHUS JOSEPHUS, Flavius: 1- The Whole Works. For The Proprietors, 1795, new edn. corrected; All... Sold for £80

Lot 228: JOHNSON JOHNSON, Samuel: A Dictionary of the English Language : In which the Words are deduced from ... Sold for £3,600

Lot 229: The Journal of the Royal Agriculture Society of England. 35 volumes: First series The Journal of... Sold for £170

Lot 230: HOLINSHED HOLINSHED, Raphael: The Chronicles of England, Scotlande, and Irelande. Volume the Firste,... Sold for £1,000

Lot 231: Bradley Bradley, Richard: The Gentleman and Farmer s Guide for the Increase and Improvement of... Sold for £130

Lot 233: Health Of Towns Commission: First and Second reports Health Of Towns Commission: First and Second... Sold for £320

Lot 235: Hopper Hopper, Edward; Gail Levin: A Catalogue Raisonne; Four volume set including CD-Rom. NY,... Sold for £160

Lot 239: Wilde Wilde, Oscar: Poems. David Bogue, 1881, 2nd. edn. With the error on page 136 line 10: 'may'... Sold for £170

Lot 240: A practical new grammar A practical new grammar, with exercises of bad English or, an easy guide to ... Sold for £190

Lot 242: Milton Milton, John: A Defence of the People of England, in Answer to Salamsius's Defence of the... Sold for £200

Lot 246: TEN C19 Bibles is various languages: 1- Martyn TEN C19 Bibles is various languages: 1- Martyn, H:... Sold for £340

Lot 247: Colombo Colombo, Fernando: Historie Del Signor D. Fernando Colombo. Nelel quali s'ha particolare, & ... Sold for £80

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