Alice Miller


Alice Miller is an oil painter specialising in small scale photorealism. Alice graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Loughborough University in 2020. She has recently exhibited with All Mouth Gallery, was a finalist in the 2021 Signature Art Prize, and is an RBA Rising Stars semi-finalist.

At once secretive and sincere, Alice Miller’s small figurative paintings examine the heightened psychological state born under the cover of darkness. Sitting somewhere between a piece of glowing coal and a neon light, each painting seems to simultaneously absorb light and emit one of its own. She draws parallels between the idea of religion and the hedonism of the nighttime social scene, playing with archetypes of light and dark employed by both: rich shadow lures the viewer in, while light often obscures more than it reveals.

Figures are held by the detached eye of a phone camera. A fragment of time expands over the painting’s surface as small scale keeps the rest of the story just out of reach. Visible tension in expression and gesture gives way to an underlying sense of unease, but reality always manages to slip from the grasp. We edge into the scenes, unsure if we are friend, guest, spectator, or voyeur.