Frankie Roberts


Frankie Roberts is an artist whose practice spans performance, animation, music and installation, subverting and examining mainstream aesthetics and impulses. Frankie has performed and exhibited with iMT Gallery, Alice Black Gallery, Reactor Halls E19: Tek-Animal-Life Rendezvous at Primary and upcoming at Luva Gallery. She recently completed a residency at St Margaret's House, London. 

Roberts works across a variety of mediums including sculpture, performance, installation and music. She employs "magpie tools" such as toy aisle colours, lulling harmonies and vivid projections to build seductive cocoons in which to explore hidden depths beneath the surface of the familiar. Frankie gently regurgitates gut feelings by warping commonplace and often mundane mainstream aesthetics and desires, weaving them into fictional ecosystems. Characters and objects populate her animated and sculptural worlds who are at once visually extra-terrestrial yet tethered candidly to human existence by its unavoidable shrapnel, testing the elasticity of meaning through humorous re-examination. In this construction of lightly restrained fantasies, Frankie interbreeds conflicting human impulses to address concerns such as synthesised empathy, inevitability and the arrogance of language.