Lot 103 (Out of the Ordinary, 13th February 2018)

'WANTED! FOR MURDER - Her careless talk costs lives'

'WANTED! FOR MURDER - Her careless talk costs lives',
1944, US Government Printing Office, Office of War information poster, designed by Victor Keppler,
71 x 51cm

The Office of War Information officials felt that the most urgent problem on the home, front was the careless leaking of sensitive information that could be picked up by spies and saboteurs. Numerous messages to the public such as this one encouraged secrecy. In this 'wanted' poster, a woman portrayed as the viewer's neighbour,, sister, wife or daughter is an unwitting murderess. The effective use of photography on war posters ushered in a new era for commercial artists following the war.

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Condition report

Near mint condition, just fold lines really