Lot 285 (Asian Art, 7th November 2017)

A Chinese lacquered six-fold screen

A Chinese lacquered six-fold screen,
second half of the 19th century, finely painted in two-colour gold, with six renowned warriors from the Yuntai Twenty-eight Generals, Cen Peng (? - 36), Feng Yi (? - 34), Zang Gong (? - 58), Ma Wu (? - 61), Li, Zhong (? - 43), and Pi Tong (? - 30), standing in their armour with weapons in their hands, the other side with scholar officials wearing court robes with the first rank badge of crane, all against a black lacquered ground,
each panel 192.5 x, 49.7cm (6)

In the third year of Yongping (60) in Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), Emperor Ming of Han honoured twenty-eight most distinguished warriors who had served his father (Emperor Guangwu of Han) well by painting their portraits on Yuntai, the, South Palace's Cloud Tower in Luoyang.

清十九世纪后半期 云台二十八将图六扇屏风

Sold for £13,000

Condition report
Cracks, splits and knocks to surface.
Chips to edges and corners.
Not hinged.
Some wear to gilding.
Some metal mounting to feet missing.
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