Lot 75 (Out of the Ordinary, 13th February 2018)

'RMS Titanic' bell from 'A Night to Remember'

'RMS Titanic' bell from 'A Night to Remember', 1958,
a massive ship's bell of cast brass, with rope-handled clapper, engraved 'R.M.S Titanic, 1912' in black gloss in-filled lettering, the crown secured with 'D' clip to the apex of a custom-made, support of rope-covered frame and wooden base, with a brass plaque engraved:
‘RMS TITANIC 1912, THIS BELL WAS USED IN THE FILM 'A NIGHT TO REMEMBER' PINEWOOD STUDIOS 1958, DIRECTED BY ROY BAKER, made for the 1958 The Rank Organisation film 'A Night, to Remember'.'
bell 49.5cm diameter, 53.5cm high
frame 86.5cm diameter, 134.5cm high

Provenance: Ex-Lot 2079, 'R.M.S Titanic: 100 years of Fact & Fiction', Bonhams, New York, 15th April 2012.

'A Night to Remember', based on Walter Lord’s book of, the same title, is often considered one of the most historically accurate film adaptations of the sinking of the Titanic. The bell, situated above the crow’s nest, is seen in one of the most dramatic moments of the film, when the iceberg is, spotted and the alarm is raised.

Sold for £4,800

Condition report
Excellent condition - the bell has a very loud ring!
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