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Balenciaga is a luxury fashion house that was founded in 1919 by Cristóbal Balenciaga, a leading fashion designer, born in the Basque Country in Spain. He held a reputation for being of a designer with ‘uncompromising standards’ and was referred to as the ‘master of us all’ by Christian Dior. His work was often futuristic, with his most famous designs including the bubble skirt, the tunic dress and a range of kimono style coats. Today the brand is well established, celebrated and worn by celebrities and royalty. The brand is  perhaps now most famous for its line of motorcycle-inspired handbags, especially the popular "Lariat" and the "City" shoulder handbag.


Balenciaga At Auction

Sworders incorporate many Balenciaga pieces into its sales, including the 'Motocross Classic Day' handbag, with an example selling for £320 plus BP. 

Should you wish to discuss the value of your Balenciaga, please contact our specialist Claire Hayter.


Past Sales at Sworders