After Dark | A Contemporary Selling Exhibition

After Dark | A Contemporary Selling Exhibition

Sworders is honoured to be hosting a captivating contemporary selling exhibition, titled ‘After Dark’, on view at our London Gallery in Cecil Court 2-7 April.

10 March 2022

Curated by Leonie Summers, an art historian with over 30 years experience in the art world, Leonie specialises in emerging artists and is Co-Director of PSSA sculpture residency. The exhibition features the works of nine exceptionally talented, established, and upcoming artists, and embraces a multitude of mediums.


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After Dark is an exploration of the heightened psychological state induced by the nocturnal hours. The meditations of the somnambulist, blissful dreams, Gothick nightmares and impenetrable mysteries. The shroud of night releases inhibitions and imagination flourishes. Our perceptions widened, our senses heightened, the dark indeed illuminates: as the poet Robert Browning once observed, "Night conceals a world but reveals a Universe".


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Visitors can expect to see Ronald Best's monotypes of silent figures emerging from the dark, and Frankie Roberts' visceral, high octane digital realm. Alice Miller's photorealistic paintings of nighttime psychological dramas, alongside Llinos Owen's highly charged pictorial textiles. Gabriel Summers' retro fantasy paintings of the demi-monde contrast with Marc Prats' techno dystopian nightmares, and Georg Wilson's poetic folklore nocturnes. Finally, an intriguing sculptural dialogue emerges between Jocelyn McGregor's haunting, nature inspired creations and Badger Wilkinson's explorations of the spooky and unsettling.

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