Auctioneers Picks | Design July 2024

Auctioneers Picks | Design July 2024

With over 300 lots, our July catalogue offers a great variety and something for everyone. Ahead of the sale, our team has chosen their favourites from the selection, which spans the Aesthetic Period to Contemporary Design.

27 June 2024



A large Austrian Goldscheider stoneware clock (£1,800-2,200)

A large Austrian Goldscheider stoneware clock (£1,800-2,200)


Otto Billström | Head of Department – Lot 150

It was difficult to pick just one favourite from the over 300 lots in our July sale, but I have a tremendous soft spot for lot 150.

For most people today, Goldscheider is synonymous with the bright-coloured figurines designed by the likes of Josef Lorenzl, Stefan Dakon, and Michael Powolny. Personally, however, I have always been drawn to the early works of the Friedrich Goldscheider era, a visually distinctive period drawing heavily on Symbolist aesthetics, with a nod to the decadent works of artists such as Gustave Moreau, blended with late-stage Orientalist art, and the emergent German Jugendstil.

Drawing from these diverse schools, the sculpture produced under Friedrich's tenure forms an interesting Art Historical junction, bridging the traditional realism of Academic art with the embrace of the fantastical and imaginary of the contemporary art scene that was mere years of birthing Fauvism (both Art Nouveau and Jugendstil meaning New Art and Youth Style respectively). These monumental pieces have rightfully become sought-after objects by collectors worldwide, and I'm always thrilled when presented with the opportunity to handle one, or in this instance, two!


René Lalique (French, 1860-1945) (£400-600)

René Lalique (French, 1860-1945) (£400-600) 


Alex Froggatt | Glass & Decorative Arts | Senior Valuer – Lot 184

For me, the 'Chardons' vase designed by René Lalique beautifully illustrates the genius of the creator. Typically, moulded glass is much maligned for being mass-produced and lacking artistic merit. Yet, with a discerning eye to envisage form combined with his unique use of staining, it renders a true work of art.


Dr Christopher Dresser (1834-1904) (£600-800)

Dr Christopher Dresser (1834-1904) (£600-800)


John Black | Director – Lot 84

Ordinarily, these are one of my favourite designs by Dr Christopher, which evoke his pure simplicity in design and influence of Japan! Interestingly, Liberty also sold these in turquoise, green and yellow.

Then set into the context of where these came from, the Estate of Max Clendinning and Ralph Adron, one can be fully transported into their minds and inspirations.

The colour and simplicity of design can be seen in Max’s works, the inspiration of the Aesthetic movement in Ralph’s work and the love of Ettore Sottsass’ designs in their collection.

I ABSOLUTELY love it all…..


Gaetano Pesce (Italian, 1939-2024) (£300-500)


Zac Woodhouse | Junior Cataloguer – Lot 1

Designed for the Italian kitchen utensil manufacturer Zani & Zani, the Vesuvio encompasses all the elements I love about modern design; quality craftmanship, bold shapes and a strong sense of emotion with an air of the fun-loving. Pesce eschews a subdued design philosophy in favour of a more brazen approach, perhaps it was his Italian roots that fostered this passion within him, as he was known for socio-political commentary in his work.

Before the creation of the Vesuvio, Italy had experienced a great time of civil unrest during the infamous ‘Years of Lead’. I like to imagine Pesce might have intended that every time someone was to brew a coffee with his percolator, they would be reminded of the fiery volcano of his country’s political past, audaciously packaged up into a tongue in cheek household object. Watching a table-top sized Mount Vesuvius bubble away must have been quite a sight. These kinds of juxtapositions are what I love so much about Gaetano Pesce’s work, he isn’t afraid to comment on something serious but in a joyful way.


Salvador Dali (Spanish, 1904-1989) (£300-500)

Salvador Dali (Spanish, 1904-1989) (£300-500)


Emilia Gambell | Marketing Assistant – Lots 303-305

My favourite lot in the July Design sale is 'La Suite Catalane’ by Salvador Dali. These tiles are colourful and joyful to look at. They remind me of my recent holiday to Barcelona and the décor in the restaurants, bars and streets. The tile depicting angels makes me think back to my trip to the Sagrada Familia and the various intricate designs both on, and inside the cathedral, each with a specific meaning. 




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