Beyond Illumination | Cameron Peters Fine Lighting

Beyond Illumination | Cameron Peters Fine Lighting

Cameron Peters Fine Lighting was founded on the belief that exposure to a wide array of available lighting options would not only bring joy to consumers but also support the artisans behind these creations. A selection of their lights feature in our upcoming 30 April Design sale.

23 April 2024



Since the dawn of electric light, most designers, many architects and some artists have created light fittings and dramatic lighting installations. They have used just about every craft and material to make them - from Murano glass, through natural materials like rattan, to rapid prototyping. Indeed, the collection launched by Materialise at 100% Design in the noughties were the first 3D printed items available to consumers.

This means that there is a vast range of fantastic objects that people can have in their homes and enjoy in commercial environments. As a result, most towns in continental Europe have at least one shop selling good lighting, however, that is not the case in the UK. This means not only that it is difficult for people to source beautiful, interesting and provocative items in their homes, but also that there is no market here for the people who make them.


A 'Hellbob 50' pendant light (£1,000-1,500)

A 'Hellbob 50' pendant light (£1,000-1,500)


Cameron Peters Fine Lighting was founded on the belief that exposure to a wide array of available lighting options would not only bring joy to consumers but also support the artisans behind these creations. Drawing inspiration from Oscar Wilde's sentiments in "The House Beautiful," Cameron Peters aimed to curate a collection that resonated with both aesthetic pleasure and craftsmanship appreciation.

In 2004, they inaugurated what they claimed to be the world's premier lighting showrooms. Situated within a picturesque landscape, the showrooms were meticulously designed spaces showcasing an eclectic selection sourced from renowned global artisans and manufacturers. From classic chandeliers to contemporary designs, the collection spanned diverse styles and materials, ensuring there was something for every taste and setting.


A Baccarat 'Mille Nuits' pendant light (£300-500)

A Baccarat 'Mille Nuits' pendant light (£300-500)


Rather than operating as conventional retail outlets, the showrooms functioned as immersive experiences, with each light fixture serving as a representative piece for its brand or style. This approach allowed for flexibility in display and ensured that customers could explore a comprehensive range of options tailored to their projects.

In addition to offering a vast selection, Cameron Peters prioritized customer education. Recognizing the lack of awareness regarding available lighting options, they invested in training their staff extensively and providing resources such as libraries of design books and catalogues. Their aim was to empower customers, particularly interior designers and specifiers, to make informed choices and achieve optimal outcomes for their projects.


A Venini crystal chandelier (£6,000-8,000)

A Venini crystal chandelier (£6,000-8,000)


Despite initial success, the company faced challenges during the economic downturn of 2008, leading to the closure of their physical showrooms. However, this setback prompted a strategic shift towards a more specialized service model focused on supporting professional clients. Leveraging their expertise and extensive network, Cameron Peters Fine Lighting transitioned into a consultancy dedicated to saving time, enhancing outcomes, and preventing problems for specifiers.

To further bridge the gap in lighting knowledge and accessibility, Cameron Peters launched initiatives such as LightJunction, a trade fair showcasing fine lighting, and regular email newsletters providing industry insights and updates. Through these efforts, they aimed to cultivate a community of informed professionals and promote appreciation for fine lighting craftsmanship.


A glass 'New Born' sculpture (£300-500)

A glass 'New Born' sculpture (£300-500)


While the public-facing website is no longer available, Cameron Peters Fine Lighting continues to operate behind the scenes, serving as a trusted resource for those in search of exquisite lighting solutions.

View the full collection available in our 30 April Design sale.





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