By Interiors Enthusiasts,  for Interiors Enthusiasts

By Interiors Enthusiasts, for Interiors Enthusiasts

After a hugely successful sale honouring the wonderful and eclectic collections of the late John Scott-Oldfield, the estate of the late Sam and Althea Lloyd and the late Sir John Craven, our  Fine Interiors teams' thoughts now gradually wander to their next celebration of connoisseurship, history and storytelling, and who and what they might be.

21 March 2023

But what defines a collection?

Some describe it as items that have an intrinsic relationship between them; they are extraordinary, special and create a sense of appreciation and purpose for the avid collector. The origins can be traced back to the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Babylonia, China, and India where they gathered objects of particular significance in temples, tombs, and sanctuaries. Whereas in the west, the intention of collecting art became more acutely developed during the Hellenistic period (4th–1st century BC). Although it was only with the rise of the Roman Empire, that art collecting became a highly sought after pursuit due to the conception of the art market.

We are as ever, looking for interesting and uniquely decorative collections for our Fine Interiors sale. Helping to create narratives and carefully curated spaces that restore, refresh, and revitalise the pieces that we are privileged to be entrusted with.

From vibrant contemporary spaces to delightful treasure troves of historical significance, our team aim to fully immerse the feel and intrinsic relationships of your personal collections into our catalogues, whether it’s an important individual piece, or multiple.

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Our Fine Interiors department prides itself on the skilfully combined aesthetic of bold, vibrant textiles, colonial furniture, impressive sculpture, decorative works of art, Continental furniture and high-quality contemporary furnishings. Your items will be expertly marketed and exposed to a vast international audience, with our previous sale attracting bidders from over fifteen different countries, including Hong Kong, Australia, the US and Canada.

Your items will be illustrated and described in a way that encapsulates their intricacies and unique characteristics in both print and online on our website.

If you would like to sell with us, we’d love to know.

Please contact the department at or 01279 817778 




Recent News


John Cobb  |  Furniture Fit For a King

A fine commode, believed to be by John Cobb (1715-1778), arguably one of England's greatest furniture makers, comes up for sale in Dick Turpin | The Legend Lives On to be held on 25 January.

7 December 2023

Tales in Thread | The Hildegard Heygate Textiles Collection

Sworders are pleased to present a selection of antique and vintage textiles in our December Fine Interiors sale, including items from the collection of the late Hildegard Heygate.

4 December 2023

Grand Plans | Emma Barnett, Head of Homes & Interiors

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Emma Barnett has been appointed as Head of Department with responsibility for the future development of our Homes and Interiors sales – Emma has been with Sworders for some time, but as she now moves into this pivotal role, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce her to you.

30 November 2023



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