Glass Through The Ages

Glass Through The Ages

Ahead of our 30 May Homes & Interiors Sale, Specialist Alex Froggatt delves into the rich history of glass. 

26 May 2023

Born in Stourbridge, the glass capital of the world in the late 19th century, Alex Froggatt specialises in glass from the 17th century to contemporary studio works. A keen collector and passionate researcher. He is pleased to be able to offer a single owner collection which features glass manufacturing from a wide range of periods. From 18th century tableware, to elaborately decorated Bohemian glass of the 19th century and studio works of 20th century. Allowing for all tastes and budgets, below are a few highlights to give an insight into this remarkable collection.


Alex Froggatt, Head Of Homes & Interiors 

Alex Froggatt, Head Of Homes & Interiors 


Vessels that make political statements, celebrate known events, people or, in this case, animals, are among the most coveted of all Georgian drinking glasses. 

An unusual example being this goblet relating to the racehorse Priam. Engraved on the glass is a depiction of the horse, its name and a date of 1830. A successful racehorse purportedly winning 17 of 19 races, including the Derby. In addition, it is said to have been previously held at the National Horseracing Museum for two years.  Almost certainly a one off, it is estimated at £400-600. 


A large Equestrian goblet (£400-600)

A large Equestrian goblet (£400-600)


English lead crystal had its roots in the 17th century when businessman George Ravenscroft added lead to his glass mix to bring to completely change the glass world. Moving from the form façon de Venise style, the new material accommodated engraving and was admired for its clear colour.

A beautiful example of one such early glass, known as a Heavy Baluster, is lot 183 in the 30th May sale. The acorn knop to its stem and deep grey colour indicates its early date of 1710-15. A few decades makes a big difference in the 18th century glass world. Despite more standard glasses of the 1740s and usually costing less than £200 at auction, this impressive piece has a pre-sale estimate of £1500-2500.


A heavy baluster wine glass goblet (£1,500-2,500)

A heavy baluster wine glass goblet (£1,500-2,500)


Moving forwards to the early part of the 20th century we have a piece of Stourbridge. The West Midlands was home to many great glass manufacturers, including Stevens & Williams where this piece was made. It is cased in blue and pink over clear, already a difficult task ensuring the colours cool at the same rate to prevent cracking. While the piece is cold, it has been intaglio cut with beautiful floral motifs. A fabulous display of glass making skill and decoration from start to finish.


A Stevens & Williams cased and intaglio cut glass bowl (£300-500)


Moving away from our shores to 19th century Bohemia, is a cased and cut vase attributed to Karl Pfohl. Bohemian engraves are revered in the glassmaking world and many made the journey to England and created some fantastic works including at Stourbridge glassworks. With similarities in cutting and shape, the vase certainly bears more than a few similarities to Karl Pfohl’s work. The central panel is skilfully cut with a hunting scene.



A Bohemian cased glass vase (£300-500)


These are just a few of the pieces in the over 100 lot section, take a look at this link to see what appeals to you.

To browse the full catalogue for our 30 May Homes & Interiors sale, click here. 


As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Alex Froggatt, | 01279 817778




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