"I’d be divorced before I bought my second Rothko"

Reflections, aspirations, and insights - we delve into the inner thoughts of Head of 20th Century Design John Black...


John Black

John Black | Head of 20th Century Design


Your favourite object and why?
My iPhone – it keeps me up to date with emails it gets me to my appointments, takes better photos than any other camera. It’s dependable and I can turn it off when I want!

If money was no object what would you collect?
I’d be divorced before I bought my second Rothko.

What was your most surprising find of 2020?
Every week brings surprises, everyday new challenges – I’m surprised and absorbed by everything!

What are your go-to resources for research?
I can only thank many collections worldwide who have digitised theirs – the VAM in particular, helps me on many occasions finding a design or an object. 

What's been 2020's strangest request?
Hannah, my wife, asking me to stop bringing things home that I had to buy from one of our auctions… strange isn’t it?


johnblack@sworder.co.uk | 01279 817778


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