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This time we speak to Alex Froggatt, a valuer and auctioneer normally based at our Hertford Office. He shares with us his unique Indian inspired recipe, how he's keeping his 'noggin' switched on. And despite the extra guitar practice, he admits he's still no Johnny Marr!

Alex Froggatt

How are you keeping busy in lockdown?

As a creature of habit I needed to establish some of routine relatively quickly. I have found myself visiting a triad of activities including reading, playing guitar and running. Fiction hasn’t particularly been on the cards as I have been filling the table with books on Murano glass to aid me in producing a talk on the subject, of which I hope to be able to give to art and society groups on return to ‘normality’. While on guitar I have been choosing some more challenging pieces while I have the time to do so, alas I am no Johnny Marr yet. And finally, the running has provided a good substitute to my usual exercise routine and certainly helps me keep a positive mentality.


Do you have a favourite self-isolation recipe you can share with us?

During the time at home I have made a conscious effort to cook with ingredients I don’t usually do so. However, it is the most simple recipe which has become a favourite – The Indian inspired omelette!


For one serving you will need:

3 eggs

Half red onion

Half a green chilli

Fresh coriander

A tomato

½ tsp of garam masala, coriander seeds, turmeric

Baby spinach leaves


Chop the onion, fresh coriander, chilli and tomato very finely and leave together on the chopping board.

Crack your eggs into a glass jug and whisk until well mixed and fluffy.

Heat a pan to around medium and add oil, butter or whatever you prefer!

Add all of the spices and chopped ingredients to the glass jug, stir well and then pour into the hot pan.

Cook like a usual omelette making sure to keep getting a spatula underneath to prevent sticking.

Add the spinach leaves to the centre and then fold the omelette.

I like to serve with toast, but then again I love toast!


What is saving your sanity during lockdown?

Picking up books and being able to comb through them, rather than using them for a single reference has been great for keeping my noggin switched on. I have spent hours looking at anything from Chinese porcelain to early tin-glazed wares right through to vernacular furniture and tribal art. Pinpointing my favourite thing about our industry is difficult, however the constant learning is certainly towards the top, so this bit of self-research and study helps me feel productive.


Which online exhibition/gallery viewing room or other internet offering has caught your eye?

As with a lot of businesses, the need to have an online presence and broaden the ‘shop window’ has never been more prevalent. Through Instagram I have seen lots of pieces posted by dealers and museums that I would love to own! However, through it all I have built up a relationship with a dealer in Sweden that I have bought a few little items from which will be added to the numerous bits of glass I have around me as I sit here typing this. I think it is important that we try and support the industry as much as possible in this difficult time, despite being a small act it was certainly appreciated by the seller.


You can contact Alex on alexfroggatt@sworder.co.uk | 01992 583508




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