Stamping Your Mark in Collecting | A Journey Through Stamp Boxes

Stamping Your Mark in Collecting | A Journey Through Stamp Boxes

The 24th October Homes & Interior sale offers a wide range of stamp boxes, incorporating example in all mediums, in this article we touch on three of our favourite areas – Tartan Ware, Tunbridge Ware and Tiffany & Co.

19 October 2023



With beginnings in Mauchline, Tartan Ware has become a very popular area in the collecting world. While early pieces were snuff boxes, they later branched out into all forms including sewing accoutrements and stamp boxes. They are adorned with Tartans from differing clans, usually complete with their name, typically on sycamore carcasses. One exciting example we have offered for sale is a stamp box converted from a snuff box, as its original silvering can be seen. In addition, it retains its original wetting sponge and letter scale! (Lot 123)


A Tartan Ware converted stamp box (£400-600)

A Tartan Ware converted stamp box (£400-600)


Hailing from Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Ware is one of the most iconic souvenir items of the Victorian era. Often thousands of small pieces of wood are assembled to make an image, much like an Italian micro mosaic. Its popularity was even broadened to the Great Exhibition of 1851, with Edward Nye gaining recognition for his table which- had over 100,000 pieces of timber in its construction. In the sale we have several lots on offer, including examples showing Queen Victoria in profile. In addition to one special lot, which features a reverse portrait of Queen Victoria. (Lot 127)


A group of three Tunbridge Ware stamp boxes (£150-250)

A group of three Tunbridge Ware stamp boxes (£150-250)


While Louis C. Tiffany’s firm typically bring iridescent glass to mind, they produced over 20 different desk sets, most of which included a stamp of some sort. We are very happy to offer a wide selection of these and they offer an accessible route into a piece of design history. Tiffany’s marriage between metal and glass made famous in their lamp production can be seen beautifully executed in the ‘Pine Needle’ pattern examples we have on offer. (Lots 96-98)


A Tiffany Studios 'Pine Needle' pattern stamp box (£200-300)

A Tiffany Studios 'Pine Needle' pattern stamp box (£200-300)


These three areas touch on just a few of the nearly 100 stamps boxes and holders we have offered for sale in the 24th October Homes Interiors auction.



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