Sworders Pioneer Auction Preview With a Twist in London

When Sworders’ specialist Prudence Hopkins decided to bring the vintage and designer fashion highlights from her Objects of Desire sale on 6 July to London for a preview, she thought a party was in order.


When Sworders’ specialist Prudence Hopkins decided to bring the vintage and designer fashion highlights from her Objects of Desire sale on 6 July to London for a preview, she thought a party was in order.

 Daniel Bexfield (Centre and blue shirt) and Prudence Hopkins (Green dress) pose with the models from Giannasso with Sergio first from the right
So she approached silver dealer Daniel Bexfield about joining forces to create the perfect event that would benefit them both. Then they brought in hairdresser Sergio Giannasso, whose salon is opposite Daniel’s Cecil Court, West End gallery to complete the Three Stylists, which was how they billed the June 21 preview.

Daniel re-organised the gallery with dedicated display cabinets for Prudence to exhibit the sale highlights, while he created his own display of complementary silver accessories in another dedicated cabinet. Sergio, who has worked with many of the top names in fashion and styling, brought models along to show how hair and make-up can be used to make the most of the couture and accessories on show.


To the sounds of a specially hired guitarist and singer, visitors to the gallery, just off St Martin’s Lane, around 250 people turned up across the evening to enjoy a complementary glass of prosecco while inspecting the best in designer and vintage handbags, fashion couture, scarves, pens and other accessories that will appear in the Objects of Desire sale at Sworders in Stansted Mountfitchet on July 6.

The auctioneers had also laid on iPads so that they could view the entire sale catalogue, and they had even set up a system so that those who wanted to could bid for items there and then in advance of the auction.


The joint initiative allowed the three of them to introduce each other to new clients.

“Auction previews can be fun, but this was certainly very different,” said Prudence. “This must be the first time three different stylists have come together to create an event like this that shows fashion fans what they can find at auction and among the dealing community.

“It’s exciting because the three of us brought complementary skills and knowledge, as well as our own audiences, together to promote what we do. And everyone had fun while we did it.”

Daniel was equally enthusiastic and sold to new clients invited to the evening

“I have a lot of loyal clients who enjoy taking part in something a little different from the norm, and it is great to be involved in something like this that attracts new people to the gallery. I always welcome the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for the objects I deal in with new people, and this event did just that, as well as being fun for everybody.”

Sergio said: “I was immediately attracted by the originality of the idea. I have known Daniel for some time and love all the fantastic things he has in his gallery. Seeing the sale highlights from Sworders’ auction there as well was just too good an opportunity to miss, and adding the hair and make-up topped it all off beautifully.”

Guy Schooling, managing director of Sworders, who was on hand to lend his support, said: “This was a great opportunity to show how a new look at the way we do business can pay off. We took bids on the night, met a lot of new people and had a great deal of fun in the process. And thanks to Daniel we were able to preview our auction in the heart of the West End.”




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