The Holt Festival 2022 Art Prize Winners

The Holt Festival 2022 Art Prize Winners

Holt Festival is proud to announce the winners of the 2022 art prizes.

28 July 2022

It has been a joy to see this year's Holt Festival thrive in spite of the difficulties faced in previous years, with a lineup of captivating speakers and events, and the highly regarded art prizes attracting some exceptional talent. Many congratulations to the winners and to all the artists that entered the competitions. The judges were hugely impressed by the very high standard of the entries. 

The art prize shortlist exhibitions were held at Adrian Hill Fine Art in Lees Yard in Holt (to view all shortlisted entries, please click here) and it was an honour to have our very own Head of Modern & Contemporary Art, Amy Scanlon, at the festival this weekend to announce the winners of the Sworders Prizes for Emerging Artist and Young Artist. The prizes for which were £750 and a commission-free exhibition at The Gallery, Holt, and £500 respectively.




Sworders Emerging Artist - Winner
Mary Whitlock Time to Party


Mary Whitlock - Time to Party - Emerging Artist Prize Winner

Oil on canvas, 40 x 30cm
Black floating frame 3cm wide

"Time to party after two years of lockdowns."



Sworders Young Artist - Winner
Izzy Wright No Means No


Sworders Young Artist - Winner, Izzy Wright

Tonal pencils, acrylic paint, 30 x 100cm

"This is a tonal piece I created for my school project which was based on ‘how can art be used to address social issues’. The piece visualises the emotional pain of sexual assault and how it can happen to any woman of any shape or size. The style was inspired by the artist Barbara Kruger but all photos/concepts used are my own."




The festival continues through to this Saturday 30 July and tickets are still available for many of the main events. Please visit for more information.








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