13-22 July 2023


Sworders are proud to sponsor this year's Paint Out™ who's objective is to encourage engagement in art, not only among those who attend art exhibitions and sales, but by inspiring everyone to watch art being made against the clock, the weather and the pressure of an audience. It’s like a Great British Bake Off for painting, but in this case people can see it all live and engage with the competitors directly.


Paint Out™ is an art event that aims to refresh and redefine 21st-century en plein air art practice. Founded in 2014, it has become the UK's premier and only fully juried en plein air art competition. The event celebrates the talents of national and international artists in the presence of a broad audience, located in the heart of medieval and iconic Norwich, as well as in the picturesque towns, countryside, broads, and coast of beautiful Norfolk. Paint Out™ has also made appearances in Suffolk and Cambridge.


The focus of many Paint Out™ events lies in extreme painting challenges, where artists face unpredictable weather conditions, race against the clock, and showcase their skills before the admiring gaze of art enthusiasts. Attendees are invited to immerse themselves in the experience of live art, witnessing the creation of masterpieces right before their eyes.


Their outdoor painting programme is a culmination of over 9 years of successful plein air art events and 3 years of organizing 8-day tours of Norfolk and Norwich, accompanied by open-air exhibitions that have witnessed numerous artwork sales and the raising of thousands of pounds for charity. Each event attracts the interest of over 100 artists from the UK, USA, France, and various other locations. Artists are encouraged to participate in the UK's most innovative plein air art event, scheduled to take place from July 13th to July 22nd, 2023. The early-bird application phase has already seen an overwhelming response, with over 100 artist entries received.

This event offers a unique opportunity for artists to connect with both familiar and new faces within the plein air art community. It serves as a platform to challenge their creativity and develop their skills. Optional additional workshops and demonstrations will be conducted by esteemed guest artists Haidee Jo Summers, Roger Dellar, and Rob Nelmes. Participants will have the chance to capture the essence of summer across a variety of locations, including county, city, coast, and countryside settings in Norwich, Norfolk seaside, inland Broads, seaport and market towns, historic houses and gardens, as well as forays into Constable country in Suffolk. The event will feature guest artists, painting demonstrations, informative talks, social gatherings, and a panel of art world judges.


Prominent judges from previous editions have included Dr. Sally Anne Huxtable, Michael Richardson, Maggi Hambling, Rob Adams, Hugh Pilkington, and Giorgia Bottinelli. This year, the judging panel will include art historian Frances Spalding, renowned author of the Times art book of the year, along with other experts specialising in British Art since 1900.


Plein Air Painting Locations


Thursday 13 July Whitlingham and Norwich

Friday 14 July Norwich

Saturday 15 July Flatford Mill, Suffolk

Sunday 16 July Sennowe Park and the Broads

Monday 17 July North Norfolk Coast

Tuesday 18 July East Norfolk Coast and Yarmouth

Wednesday 19 July Bylaugh Hall Gardens and Wensum Valley

Thursday 20 July Whitlingham and Norwich


20-22 July in the marquee


To spice up curiosity, whilst visiting the plein air exhibition, we encourage you to bring items from your own collection for valuation by Sworders specialists, Luke Macdonald and Andrew Bowyer.

This isn't limited to paintings but portability is essential, however, photographs of larger collections are encouraged.


Rotating exhibition of each day's works 15-21 July 2023

Final exhibition continues until 22 July 2023


The exhibition will take place in the marquee next to Flint Barn Café, Whitlingham Lane, Trowse, Norwich, NR14 8TR

For more information and full event details please visit Paint Out.