Sworders Press Office

Sworders have a highly effective Press Department. Like many of our staff, Head of Press, Lizzie Lardner, is considered an expert in her field. She specialises specifically in fine art auction press campaigns and brings a wealth of experience. Trained as an arts journalist in both the UK and the US, she has worked continually in the industry over three decades and has excellent working relationships with journalists and editors working in the trade, interiors and lifestyle press and the wider regional, national and international media.

Many Sworders sales benefit from the coverage they receive in the media, whether in print, online, social media, radio or television. We are fortunate that the items we sell provide a constant stream of stories rich in human interest and both artistic and social history. Tales of discovery and the excitement of the auction room only add to a compelling narrative.

However, each media campaign we prepare for our clients is carefully thought out and directed to the geographic or subject-specific area where we believe the market will be. Whether promoting a painting specific to East Anglia or a work of art that demands the attention of buyers in Hong Kong and Mainland China, we work hard to generate the positive pre- and post- sale coverage that complements our wider marketing activities.

For journalists

Please contact Lizzie Lardner directly with any press-related queries – and particularly if you require:

  • information or images for upcoming auctions;
  • a specialist quote or interview for a specific auction story;
  • expert commentary on a wide range of collecting disciplines that could form part of a wider feature article;
  • an expert to participate in a radio/TV interview / programme;
  • you would like to come to Sworders to record, film or interview items of press interest.

You can email Lizzie in the Press Office on press@sworder.co.uk

For all advertising, social media or other marketing enquiries, please contact the Marketing Department on marketing@sworder.co.uk





Lizzie Lardner Head of Press

Lizzie Lardner | Head of Press


Journalist Testimonials

Elizabeth is different to many other PRs – she has a good sense of the art market, understands how journalists work and knows what they need. The information and images she sends are always relevant. She responds quickly to any queries I might have and certainly serves her clients well.

Alex Capon | Antiques Trade Gazette - Art Market Editor, Digital Editor 


Lizzie has an eye for a news angle and has mastered the art of persisting politely. She is always quick to furnish me with all the information I need and in good time, which is appreciated in the fast-moving art market.

Melanie Gerlis | Financial Times - Columnist & contributor | The Art Newspaper - Editor at Large


As a journalist you want PRs who don't waste your time with non-stories and know when to pick up the phone or send an email and when not to. Lizzie is full of ideas for potential stories, responds promptly to requests and comes through with contacts when needed.

Will Humphries | The Times


Elizabeth is a thoughtful and imaginative PR - she knows what I need and thinks ahead about which stories will fit with my editorial requirements. Rather than deluging me with press releases, she is careful to target her pitches precisely. Gently persistent, she is also promptly responsive to my queries.

Emma Crichton-Miller | Apollo Magazine - Freelance Journalist and Columnist | The Design Edit - Editor in Chief