The Benney Enamel Centrepiece - Gerald Benney


Greatly admired at the Gerald Benney retrospective in 2005, when his son Simon subsequently offered this unique centrepiece for sale on behalf of its owner, it moved from The Pearson Silver Collection’s ‘wish’ to ‘must have’ list. The cover has been constructed so as if the circular discs appear to ‘float’ over the bowl. Then expertly enamelled by Robert Winter, Benney’s master enameller, and it is as if bubbles are floating on a lake of silver. Its design was inspired by bubbles seen floating on a rock pool while Gerald was holidaying. When encountered on a lunch table, most guests’ reaction is to place their fingers between the gaps in the bubbles. Gerald Benney only designed two centrepieces featuring enamel and this is the only survivor. Diameter 26cm. London 1974



The Benney Enamel Centrepiece by Martin Ronald Baker