The Selected Contents from York’s Tenement, Suffolk

The Selected Contents from York’s Tenement, Suffolk

With original elements dating back to 1592, York’s Tenement, in Yoxford, Suffolk, stands today as a remarkable testament to the preservation of historic dwellings and interiors, and the unique character they embody.

28 May 2024




Nestled within sixteen acres of gardens, and enveloped by lush meadows and woodland, the medieval house evokes a reassuring sense of timelessness that only comes with a long and enduring existence. The owners – and enthusiastic antique dealers - Doris Urquhart and Christopher Richardson, have used this long history as inspiration during their tenure and remained committed to drawing on its olde-worlde charm in their choice of décor. As a result, the overall feel of the interiors offer solace from the predictability of many – more reserved – modern spaces; illustrating just how impactful a considered selection of antiques, harmoniously blended with their surroundings, can be.


Doris began showcasing her passion for antiques at Alfies Antique Market in 1980s London, and traded from there and a shop opposite until 1989. Having completed her training as a barrister, she then practiced at the bar, and during this time, continued to buy and sell antiques, adding to her experience and to her private collection before returning as a full-time antique dealer in 2007. However, this time, she was supported by Christopher, also an ex-lawyer whose career began with antique dealing.



We, at Sworders Auctioneers, consider it a joy to present a carefully curated selection of expertly crafted and enduring pieces of vernacular furniture and folk art, which when given the opportunity, can infuse any interior with a rich history.



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