Otto Billström

Otto Billström

20th Century Design | Head of Department

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 Otto has always had a fascination for art and objects - why they look the way they do, what stories do they tell. He grew up in a very design focused home, which exposed him to the pioneers of Mid Century Scandinavian Design from a very young age. The variation of form in relation to function awoke a profound curiosity in Otto, which would eventually see him move to England at the age of 18 to attend the University of East Anglia and complete a BA and MA in History of Art.

After graduating he relocated back to Sweden and spent two years working as a general valuer for Stockholms Auktionsverk, choosing to specialise in Design and Musical Memorabilia. Then moving back to Britain in 2019 to spend a year working for a Sussex dealership. He joined the Design department at Sworders in January 2021. Working on both the quarterly Design Sales as well as annual Out of the Ordinary Sales has placed him in an excellent position to expand his knowledge and satisfy an ever growing curiosity.


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